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some sheep and some food.

Had a very nice weekend with my friends from Stockholm. They have left for now and so has the sun. Thunder rumbles outside and I am watching my favorite show (at the moment), White Collar and thinking about making some waffles with cloudberry jam and cream. No beach 2014 for me. 😉 Enjoy the last photos from the weekend.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, Lightroom.

HH7A7459-2 HH7A7460 HH7A7468 HH7A7469 HH7A7481 HH7A7484 HH7A7491 HH7A7505 HH7A7507 HH7A7518 HH7A7522 HH7A7528


  1. One hopes your guests were not made to wait to eat while you took shots of the food ! [grin] And ”some” sheep ? – a whole lotta sheep ! 😀

        • Haha. Well. It will be a bit more mouldy than normal if I do that… It is very good cheese, with Swedish hard bread from the north (polarbröd) and cloud berry jam. mmm mmm mmm 😉

          • Sigh …
            I do so love cheese. And it isn’t the best thing for me – in fact, one of the worst in terms of my elevated triglycerides. 🙁

          • Yes, sort of. Not really high, but my doctor has instructed me to get ’em lower. 🙁

          • Ok. Well. I guess it is part of getting old. You get this and that. My lims are getting stiffer, sometimes my back hurts and my blood pressure is higher than it used to be, so well, I´m getting old as well. I love cheese though, but, well, don´t eat that so often, gives me a heartburn :))) Does this make you feel better with yourself?

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