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10 things to do in Lima- post 6- Government Palace and Plaza de Armas

Continuing my series about Lima with the Government Palace and Plaza de Armas in a 6th post about the Times List of 10 things to do in Lima. In a way, it feels like I´m rewriting my post about the Church of San Fransisco since they are pretty close by but this is another place.


Plaza de Armas, where the government palace also is  situated holds many treasures. I never visited the inside of the government palace, and as said by the Times article, it is restricted and only for special tours, what now that means. This is a bit boring and a minus for the overall experience of the place. A place I visited more than once on the other hand was the Artesania shops (crafts).


Artesania shops close by Plaza de Armas.


Inside the artesania shops.

But for some basic knowledge. On Plaza de Armas you have the following:

Basic knowledge

The times articles think you should visit all three, I only say two and actually I kind of regret not visiting the Literature- place.

If you ever been or are in Lima right now you recognize the historic center and the buildings surrounding the Plaza de Armas through the yellow color of the buildings. This is specific for Lima and the historic center that also is on the World Heritage List. I have written about the historic center many times but it deserves more attention. Here are my posts.

1.  Out on the town with chefs of Astrid y Gaston- Lima – Peru, 2. 10 things to do in Lima- Post 4- Church of San Fransisco, 3. Länge leve kläderna i Peru



There is a lot of happiness when traveling, as well as a lot of walking. To the left in the back of the picture, the cathedral shows itself.


And here it is shown on a further distance.


In the same alley as where the above photo is taken we also bought a painting by a local artist. This paintings are done by students and other who support their living partly by drawing pictures or doing other street art and performances.



There is several hostels close by. I know I have seen more than one sign and why not stay in the historic centre instead of Miraflores? It is probably cheaper and it is far more interesting! But if you are the beach and party type, Miraflores, San Isidro or Barranco is the place to be. To get really close to the partyplaces I think a good choice is Barranco, since it is there they all are.


If you like other types of entertainment the square have many happenings, I participated in a Carnival to give on example. See the post- One day full of adventures.

How to get here

Round the square and in the historic centre you can go by horse and carriage and probably tourist buses (never tried them). To get to the square you go by cab or Metropolitano (the express buses). Always ask the driver of the price before getting into the cab. It is cheap, but they always add a sol or two when they are driving tourists. Going by Metropolitano costs around 2 sol at a time, if I remember it correctly. You have to buy a plastic card and you can use your coins to fill the card up in the machines that they have on every station.


The square and the government palace.

Restaurants / food

I visited three restaurants that is close to Plaza de Armas (within 100 m:s from the square) and the names. God no, I don´t recall any of them. At one we had food, one deserts (cakes/postres) and one drinks. And no, we did not visit them at the same time.

What is good with the restaurants on Plaza de Armas (there is many of course) is that they are fairly cheap and you get good food. One Tanta (one of Gastons franchise restaurants) restaurant is by the square as well, so there is the possibility of a bit more class/quality as well.



Horse and carriage.


  Overall experience

It is a clear five star place, where there is a lot to be seen and cheap crafts and bargains to be made.






Crazy tourist in front of the government palace.







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