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coca colala.

I don´t know about you guys, but here it was 33 degrees today. I´m officially dead. Unofficially I´m watching White Collar, my new favorite show, drinking tons of lemonade and dreaming about coca-cola and chips. I´m a bit worried about my teeth due to the sugar-filled summer-diet I´m on right now.

I think the coca- cola name thingy is great. My mother collected hers and my fathers name on theirs. Had to take a snap shot of them. My mothers reaction was ”are you taking a photo without background”. Me:  ”what?” while she continue ”there is no background” Me: ”what?”.

– Who needs a background when your photographing coca- cola bottles? It was the weirdest discussion..


Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon lens 50mm f1.8.

I am a bit surprised that is the same amount of cola in the bottles. What do you think?



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