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The old mine Stripa in Bergslagen – Sweden

In the Instagram Travel Thursday post this week I wrote a question in the end of where to go for a short trip within 300 km from Bergslagen if me and boyf. wanted to go somewhere during this weekend. I think I got only one suggestion, and that is probably just because this guy is from the area and know what is within 300km from Bergslagen. Thanks to Replicant Core for suggesting Visingsö even if we ended up somewhere else.. Rep. Core is a blogger that lives in Örebro and comment frequently on my photos.

Where did we end up then?

The old mine of Stripa, Stripa gruva, is a mine in Bergslagen close to Lindesberg. It is really well preserved and a dream for photographers that loves history, rusty stuff and buildings. So Rep. Core, maybe this is something for you instead?

Basic knowledge

For 60 sek (around 10 dollars) you get a guided tour (ours where for 3 hours!) where the guide has a lot of knowledge of the area. The tour takes place at 14, Tuesday to Sundays, and the area is opened from 13-17 between the 25th of June to the 24th of August.

Enjoy the photos and please take a look at Stripa Gruva, I recommend it to the fullest. It is much more well preserved than anyone could ever imagine and as I told the guide in the end of the tour, why isn´t this on the World Heritage List?


Photos taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm, f4. Canon lens and edited in Lightroom.
HH7A7014 HH7A7015 HH7A7021 HH7A7024 HH7A7031 HH7A7035 HH7A7036 HH7A7038 HH7A7048 HH7A7052 HH7A7053 HH7A7065 HH7A7066 HH7A7067 HH7A7088 HH7A7092 HH7A7103 HH7A7109 HH7A7116 HH7A7130 HH7A7132 HH7A7140 HH7A7148 HH7A7157 HH7A7160 HH7A7164 HH7A7192


  1. Gillar det jag ser. Vad jag förstår kör dom bara guidade visningar. Är rätt sugen på att hoppa över stängslet och vandra in själv. Har suttit i bilen några gånger och kollat in … en gång kom någon upp till mig och frågade ”Vad gör du här?”.

    • Nej nej. Det är öppet 13-17 :)))) passar dig perfekt. Men ja, husen är låsta. Bara guidat men ja. Det är förståeligt, det är inte säkert precis..

  2. You’ve chosen well which ones to have in black and white and which in colour. I like these photographs very much.

    • haha thanks m-r. Coffee-table-book? haha 🙂 Well, actually I think they have opened a mine and it is called Lovisagruvan. In Grythyttan we have ”skiffer”, not sure what that is in English. Google translate says slate, schale or schist. But the Stripa is an old one, it hasn´t been running since the 70´s so I don´t think it is possible to reopen this kind of mines. They are done differently today. This is more of a open kind and the ones they do to day, is like tunel based I think. It is not the safe kind. Bergslagen (the area) where I live has had a lot of mines, everything from silver, iron, lime etc.

      • The earth doesn’t want to give us her treasures: either we have to dig holes in her and get killed, or we have to cut HUGE swathes in her surface and make everything incredibly ugly …

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    • haha 🙂 Är det det du tänker på när du ser en gammal gruva? 🙂 Jo, men när jag höll på med mitt fotoprojekt som mest läste jag en avhandling där de gjort om dessa gruvor till rekreationsområden faktiskt. hehe. Kanske inte vattenrutschbanor men ändå.. 🙂 Kul att du kommenterar Viktor!

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