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A shocking (photo)- discovery.

Discovered an amazing store in the city Nora at my lunchbreak today. How cool isn´t this? Apparently the guy who has the store, Fotocentralen have gotten a lot of old cameras throughout the years, from his customers. I just stood there shocked.

I finally got a hold of some film for my old camera though, well in this store of course.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens, lightroom.

HH7A6982-2HH7A6985 HH7A6988 HH7A6992 HH7A6995


  1. Roligt och nostalgisk att se så många kameror på en och samma ställe. Fina bilder blev det också. 🙂

  2. Chic found a place like this, many years ago – remarkably close to our place. He was totally fascinated by it, too ! You photog.s just love the history of your hardware, eh ? – and it certainly is interesting. How he would’ve loved to have somewhere to use photos of it …
    And yours are SUPER ! – with B&W being the obvious choice. 🙂

      • There’d have to be an awful lot of replications within that number … And, of course, people like this NEVER have any wish to arrange and catalogue so that anyone can be pointed at any specific camera they want to see .. :-

        • Well. Yes, he has an exhibition in the library in Borlänge. He has collected the cameras over 30 years. This dude I visited as well, but he had a camera store so he got the cameras from customers, probably when they bought new cameras. There is no particular interest in old cameras normally, only special models, and maybe the really old, but the others are so common. But I can´t find if the exhibition is still on. Apparently he wanted to have it in an own museum but the municipality wouldn´t help, and yeah, the cost for a place is a big part etc. But I´m not sure what happend to this camera guy because the article I found was in a local small newspaper 5 years ago.

    • Yes, I will go back. I didn´t have much time since it only was my lunchbreak.. 🙂 But I finally bought a film and will use it with my old cam. I looked at a old Nikon that looks excatly like their vintage new- produced. That was interesting. They reuse their model from the 60´s, 70´s :)))

  3. Holy crap Batwoman!!! What a find! It’s like your own personal museum. I would love to stumble upon a place like this. Lucky you.

    • Yes. I will go back. The guy must know a lot lot lot lot. I was so stunned. he had collected them himself through customers through the years so probably there is personal stories about them all. I would love to hear these stories. But they where all over the place, probably since people touched them and looked at them.

  4. Inger Johansson says

    Som foton från en Bergman-film. Fina. Du, vi får lägga till Visingsö o Gränna till vår roadtrip.

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