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the camera.

I rearranged among my posts and decided that my equipment deserved it´s own category. Before it was found in a fixed page but that leaved little or no space for me writing about the equipment I so dearly love. I decided to go for own posts making it easier following when I buy and play with something new.

Well, my camera deserves it´s own post of course. I had it for a while now (since January) so it deserve some talky talk about the good and the bad.


Canon 5D Mark iii

As everybody who follow me know I have a Canon 5D Mark iii. That is a long and well deserved name. I haven´t looked up why they are called Mark iii, maybe someone knowledgeable in cameras could fill this gap.

When buying it I was choosing among the 5D Mark iii and the 6D of the Canon cameras. I have no knowledge and have barely tried out the Nikon cameras or other brands so there is nothing saying that my camera is better then other brands professional leveled equals.

But I have never doubted my choice and like the camera a lot. I based my choices of reviews and talking with people that had this camera already or other Canon cameras. Why I decided to go for the 5D instead of the 6D is mainly due to the autofocus-system.

The Mark iii look like other Canon cameras in the EOS series. They are very much a like each other. The Mark iii is kind of big, some girls apparently have troubles with this due to the weight and the size (having to small hands). I have never heard any photoblogger or other photographer complain about this though and I do not have any problems with this one. Maybe if adding professional lenses this will become a problem, but this would of course be a problem with any camera house due to the extreme weight of the lenses. I fancy fixed width lenses why this isn´t either a problem.


Best features:

1. autofocus system that doesn´t fail ever. It has 61 points and even with a low quality lens as my 50 mm, it works. But, for it to work perfect, professional lenses with good optics is of course needed.

2. weight and the cover. It is heavy and I like that. It is stable and can take a punch or two.

3. quick menu up right. Makes it very easy to set shutterspead, white balance, iso and aperture.

4. colors of the photos and the sharpeness. I have no way of measuring the color that comes out in the pictures of course.

5. iso and grainyness, almost no grains even on higher iso- value


Worst features:

1. I like photowalks and this camera is BIG. I drag it along anyway.

2. price. Not affordable for many. Save save save.

3. sometimes I miss wifi, GPS, fancypancy autosystems that does it for you, but that is not often


On my instagram I have published more than one photo of my camera over time. It´s one of my favorite objects. 😉 Here is some of them.



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