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A barbecue in Grythyttan.

A mid week barbeque in Grythyttan.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm f1,8 ii Canon lens, lightroom.
HH7A6732 HH7A6734 HH7A6738 HH7A6743-2 HH7A6744-2 HH7A6745 HH7A6746 HH7A6749 HH7A6755 HH7A6762 HH7A6765 HH7A6775 HH7A6778


  1. You live in a wonderful place, Katarina ! And you Swedes eat such wonderful things on your barbecues ! I can’t see any Aussies putting rosemary on their lamb (?), to start with … Sighh … How you all enjoyed yourselves ! – and what WONDERFUL photos ! They are the kind that make a blogger write in total sincerity ”THANKS FOR SHARING !!!”. X !

    • haha 🙂 Thanks Margaret for speaking your mind. How did you do on your short stories. Are you back blogging now like before. A everyday thing? Than I have to get more active reading blogs again. At the moment I had some ”I just blog but don´t read and post mostly photos break.” The rosemary (not sure which herb it is) is Martins doing. He said that it will look good or something. He was the barbecue master, haha 🙂

      • I recognized his hands in the first photos, and then there he was. If it IS rosemary, it does a lot more than merely look good, but cooks a wonderful flavour into meats.
        Yes, back. Yes, blogging again. But also completely reorganizing all my categories and tags: I simply deleted the lot and am now reentering every single one on all nearly 400 posts. Ack !!!!!!!

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