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Flowers, ants and wild strawberries.

The forest outside Grythyttan.

Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm f1,8 ii, lightroom.


HH7A6629 HH7A6638 HH7A6650 HH7A6657 HH7A6660 HH7A6667 HH7A6679 HH7A6689


  1. I love the pictures in the middle, with the different focus of the ground. And the flowers are nice as well ! I’m glad I’ve found your blog !

      • I came across your blog when I was searching entries with the tag flowers I think 🙂 Because I do love flowers.

        My name is Gin and I’m from Belgium. I love travelling as well and I’m going to Sweden next winter 🙂 I’ve seen you are from Sweden 🙂 Have you ever been to Swedish Lapland ?

        • Nice! Sweden is fantastic but it is a bit cold in the winter. But maybe you like skiing and so on? I live in the south but have travel a bit further to the north a couple of times, but yes, it depends what you mean by Lapland? Lappland to us Swedes is a landscape, it is a region with borders. And to that region I have not been but I have met (worked) with Sami people that have reindeers etc, but that was further south.

          • I’m going to Kiruna next winter, and I thought it was part of Lapland 🙂 I thought that Lapland was part of Scandinavia that was above a specific latitude. I’m not planning to do any skiing. I’ll spend a few days in Stockholm as well.

          • Yes. It probably is. Lapland is the english word for the type of ground/landscape I think.. But Lappland (in Swedish) is one region that is named Lappland. I live in the region Västmanland and in the county of Örebro. It is divided into regions and countys. But the Lapland you mean I haven´t been to. But I do would like to visit it aswell. Kiruna is very very far north. 🙂

          • Ok I understand now the confusion, Lapland is different from Lappland 🙂 It’s going to be the furthest north I’ve ever been, exciting !!!

          • Yes. and in the winter. I would go for the summer because in the summer it is light around the clock above the north circle. That would be something to see I think!

  2. You have been wandering, beautiful Katarina – with lovely results. 🙂
    Is Martin not also on holidays ?

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