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A short interview with Martin after one week in Peru.

Testing my film and editing skills this week. They are bad, I tell you. But finally managed to learn some Adobe Premiere Pro basics after breaking a bit of a sweath the other day, not just due to my flu.

Remembered that I promised my blog-friend Margarete to write a little about how Martin is doing in Astrid y Gaston, and here is some of the proof. But on the other hand I didn´t remember to do the video in English. Which is crap. Will do some more short interview of Martin and his work though, promise. I´m so sorry, yet again. I can do captions of course, but that is so much work. *puh*

Watch and be amazed!


Already published on Facebook- more will be coming friends.

Shot with my brilliant but difficult Canon 5D Mark iii. Afterwards reading up on how you do the autofocus. But yet, good quality I think. Ed (just to a smaller file-size) in Adobe Premiere, a part of the Creative Cloud package.


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