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Drinkkväll hos Elina.

Var på drink-kväll hos Elina i lördags..

Spending time at Elinas saturday, drinking drinks..

Katarina (Canon EOS 5d Mark 3, 50mm 1,8f, ed in Lightroom)

HH7A0660 HH7A0661 HH7A0664 HH7A0669 HH7A0679 HH7A0682 HH7A0683 HH7A0686 HH7A0688 HH7A0693 HH7A0700 HH7A0701 HH7A0704 HH7A0705 HH7A0708 HH7A0710 HH7A0720


  1. WHO ARE ALL THOSE BLOKES? When you write ”I love you more than coffee” (!), which one is he? What’s the green drink? What did you blend in with the frozen raspberries? Where can I get some of those earrings?
    [gasp!] I’m tired now … 😉

    • Haha. One question at a time huh 🙂 My boyfriend is Martin Benitez and he has his own tag so in the tags, check for his name and you will have photos for all eternity 😉 The green one is apple-tinis (don´t know what it is really), the frozen rasberries became rasberry-daquiries and the earings, have no idea but they are pretty common among the youth nowadays. My fashiontip will be- check H&M or rob nearest teenager on the street. They will be so surprised so there will be no struggle .. 😉

      • Well done!!! Now, the key question: why have I been addressing you as ’Svara’?
        Well, it’s because I saw your response to a question of two with that at the end. And you have never told me I’m wrong.

        • Haha . Svara means answer in swedish and is written in the end of every comment automatically. Actually, when you where writing it I thought it was some form of language bug because my webrowser translates some into swedish automatically. Haha. What did you think it ment and why did you write it?

          • What a yell!!! That’ll teach me to be a smart-(_|_)!
            But it’s an annoying that the Google translator doesn’t translate EVERYTHING. Sighh …
            I believed it to be the opening of your response, and thus your name. Many people have sites with names that are not their own; so I wasn’t surprised.
            In future, where we’re talking other languages, I shall ASK!

          • haha. yes. The word ”svara” we use for when we answer the telephone or reply on a email. It covers both answer and reply. And when you put the ending ”ar” and ”svara” becomes ”svarar” it means that it is ongoing, that you are replying or are answering something. Your first Swedish word 🙂 And also, in Sweden we study British English but most people know only American English and sometimes it is a bit hard understanding you since my knowledge of Australian English and it´s slang etc is not good at all. So sometimes I just take a shot and hope that I understood it correctly.

          • haha, maybe not. 🙂 but will see. or as my mother used to say in Swedish ”Den som lever får se”- transl ”The one who lives gets to see” .. 🙂

          • Oh, how cruel … I mean, you are going to live so many more years than I. But I don’t mind: I’m enjoying my afternoon. 🙂

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