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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge- Small Subjects


Participating also in Cee´s fun foto Challenge this week and the theme is Small Subjects. I guess that small subjects is a matter of opinion and I´m showing a small subject and a larger small subject just for the fun of it. The first picture is a picture of Solstickan, matches or tändstickor (lighteningsticks transl.) as they are called in Swedish. Solstickan is probably the most recognized label in Sweden and was designed in 1936. The second picture is showing my rabbit who is doing his evening stretching. 🙂 Enjoy.



Canon EOS 5D Mark 3, fast 50 mm 1,8f, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, manual-settings.

HH7A0295Canon EOS 5D Mark 3, fast 50 mm 1,8f, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, auto-settings.


  1. Aww I love your rabbit!!! I had a dwarf rabbit, but had to give him up because we moved to a new apartment that didn’t allow pets. I miss him so much!!

    • Yes. I love my rabbit. Its a part dwarf part lion-rabbit. Not sure of the race-name in english.. His name is Skugge and i have photos of him in the category ”Skugge i linsen”, which means Skugge in the lens basically. You live in new york right?

        • Nice. I live on the country-side in Sweden for the moment (and I mean countryside) with only 800 inhabitants so I long to see the cities. Scan blogs for cityphotos since I never get to see them (at least it feels this way). Yes, they are very good companions. Hes a very good friend and obedient in the way that you can just let him out in the garden even that its no fence and he just sticks around. He is quite old though, over 9 years and have really started to look like an old guy 🙂

          • I know the feeling 🙂 I left the city and moved the the suburbs, and miss it constantly. It’s a very different world, and took a lot of adjusting. It took almost 2 years to feel somewhat normal after leaving the city. Some people just aren’t mean for it, you know? That’s so nice that you let your rabbit outside. I was always too afraid to let mine outside, I was worried he wouldn’t come back! 🙂

          • Actually I was born and raised in the countryside but it doesn´t feel like me. Some of the time, and some of the time not. But in Sweden we basically have no big cities as the ones in America so here its not the same thing.But new york is my dream town in many ways even if I´m not moving there. Probably because of sex n the city and all other tv-shows, so its imprinted in our generation. But I´m going to Lima Peru next month, see how thats like. After that I probably say that I miss the country-side. But nice to meet you anyway. Will check into your blog every know and then. I´m quite active.

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  3. Hej! Tänkte bara säga att jag nu tipsar om en bloggportal som gör det enkelt att tjäna pengar på sin blogg och få en växande trafik 🙂 Du kan även importera din gamla blogg där så du slipper börja om på nytt. Väldigt smidigt och enkelt tycker jag 🙂
    Besök min hemsida så hittar du länken till bloggportalen under ”what’s new” och kolla om det är något för dig?

    Jag kan tycka att det är väldigt enkelt att tjäna pengar direkt på blogg portalen så man slipper bli medlem på massa andra sidor för att lägga upp annonser, smidigt och bra.

    Ett tips från mig och ursäkt om du inte gillar sådana inlägg.

    Kram från Rebecca på

    • Jag har inte reflekterat över att tjäna pengar på min blogg och är osäker på innehållet i min egen blogg och vad det skulle tänkas kunna tillföra som den är idag. Men tack för tipset i vilket fall som helst och när jag känner att jag kommit så långt och har ett tillräckligt kvalitativt innehåll så kanske! Hur hittade du till min blogg undrar jag då?


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