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Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: Found in Nature

Participating in a photochallenge called Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge held by a woman from Oregon USA (and the reason why I post this post in English). This weeks theme is Found in Nature. Finally I get some use of all my long walks and accompanying photo shoots! Hope you enjoy the photos.

Photos from this week taken with my Samsung NX 10, 16mm wide-angle lens. No photo ed, just watermark through Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. They where taken during my morning walk this morning.

SAM_5333 SAM_5345 SAM_5351 SAM_5353

And som Golden Oldies taken with my Samsung and a borrowed Canon 60D. Lenses used, Samsung 16mm, 50-200 and Sigma 17-50 mm. These photos where taken during 2013 and different occasions. I will post the location next to every photo.

no photo ed. the nature reserve Björkuddens naturreservat near Grythyttan Sweden (where I live)SAM_3966 no photo ed. Taken by the lake close to where I live in Grythyttan.SAM_3910 no photo ed, just long shutterspeed and is portraying the waterfall close to my childhood home in Småland/Gullringen Sweden.IMG_3338

might be light adjusted in lightroom (don´t remember). Two photos of House and tree, aslo close to my home in Småland. The house is a house close to an old water power plant, where (I guess) the people taking care of the powerplant lived.IMG_3321 IMG_3317

no photo ed. Stångån (the river Stångån) in Småland.sam_2086.jpgno photo ed. the village Silvergruvan (translates the silver mine, where they used to mine silver long ago) close to Grythyttan. The area where I live is called Bergslagen, due to all the mining that was going on a long time ago. In Grythyttan they mined silver in the 17th century and the village was given city right then from the queen.cropped-sam_3562.jpg no photo ed. The forest close to home, also seen in a more wintery photo from today.SAM_3294no photo ed. outside måltidens hus, the food academy in Grythyttan.

no photo ed. The Stångå river again.sam_2064.jpg no photo ed. Close to the Stångå river I caught this insect with my 18-200 Samsung lens. Don´t know the species, sorry.cropped-sam_2057.jpg no photo ed. just light adjustments in my camera. A rowan tree in the garden of my house.cropped-sam_2789.jpg



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