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Hemma Hos Linda

Det blir mycket hembesök vid jul. I måndags lekte jag och Linda. Palt-godis-koma var förnamnet.


IMG_3556IMG_3593 IMG_3601 IMG_3603 IMG_3604 IMG_3612 IMG_3613IMG_3653 IMG_3654 IMG_3658

Canon EOS 60 D, Sigma 17-50 mm, f2,8. Bildredigering i Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. Bilden på katten på pianot är oredigerat.


  1. I love all these photos, but am sorry to have to be unoriginal and add my voice to that of Miss H – your cat is DIVINE! Beautiful! And sitting on the keys! [grin] I hope when you speak of PhotoShop for editing, you mean only that you are improving the shots rather than creating fx?

    • Hi. Well, I don´t know if you know a lot of photoshop? I have only edited a couple of the pictures I added to the photocontest today and they are only lightadjusted in Photoshop Lightroom (Photoshop are more than one program and Lightroom are only for light). They are from december and we have poor lighting in Sweden so thats why. But I tell when i edit and when I don´t. It says in Swedish: Ingen bildredigering which meens no picture edit and edited in (and the program) I only have one real traditional photoshop experiment on the blog which is a poster that I tried to do like an old danceevent in an follpark here in Sweden, Swedens oldest. You find it here: It is a university project. After the poster you see the different pictures I built it with.

      Other pictures are only lightadjusted. But the cat you liked is not edited at all! Its a perfect shot. The other pictures in the same post are lightedited to look a little ”old” and ”grey” instead of yellow. They are taken on a high ISO-value, because of the dark insides, that why they are a bit grainy.

      But nice that you found my blog, I like yours. You write in a very funny way. Like the post with the old photos and you writing about being a fat kid”. Lovely.

  2. Yes, you use it in the same way as I would (if I had it) – improve the images but not to do fancy things to them, Svara. Bravo! For that purpose I use a very old version of a software called Corel PhotoPaint 10: the upgrades are far too expensive, and I don’t need all the amazing things you can do with the newer versions. My husband had installed PhotoPaint years and years ago and showed me a bit of how to use it – so that’s what I do. I delight in Europeans and I delight particularly in being able to find blogs like yours with such interesting content. I have noted that ”a good day starts with a good appetite” – which is entirely true. Heaven knows where you found that cutlery box! 😀

    • Aha. the post ”hemma hos Linda” meens ”Home at Lindas” which also is the girl in the picture and her cat. She have a very greyish decoration and at her house and I like taking photos at other peoples homes/decoration (probably because I don´t like to clean my own and it shows in the photos.. haha). Before I got photoshop, which is far to advanced for just normal use, I used Google Picasa which is a great free program for pictures, If you feel the need for something else than PhotoPaint I mean. But nice to meet you. Guess we see eachother again.

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