Grythyttans Brewery and the Indian Pale Ale

Ursprungligen publicerat på Type Magazine, Örebro Universitet.

The 20th of January Systembolagets released their sales figures for 2013, and the Swedish stronger beers are one of the winners, increasing with 0,8 % percent during the year even though a lot of people also go abroad to buy their alcohol due to the high alcohol-taxes in Sweden. The losers are ciders and strong wines, among others, actually having a decreasing sale.


A trend of microbreweries that started a long time ago in the US have finally come to Sweden. Sweden had about 20 breweries in the early 90s compared to the later part of the 19th century when it were more than 500 breweries existing in Sweden. Now we have around 70-80 breweries and emerging, some numbers saying around 100 breweries.

Katarina Wohlfart meet Grythyttan Brygghus, Grythyttan Brewery, situated in the northern part of the county of Örebro, to talk about brewing and their new Indian Pale Ale.

By Katarina Wohlfart

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