Month: juli 2015

medieval week coming up

Now it is finally here! Medeltidsveckan / medieval week on Gotland is starting tomorrow. Right after work I hoped on the train to Linköping, a post about that will be up tomorrow since I have a tip about train travel for the summer, and now I am home at my familes place in Gullringen. In only brought my Canon 5D now and I don´t regret that. Even though I love my little compact I love the bigger one more and it has spent far to much time in the bag since I moved to Stockholm. Well at home I took a shower and unpacked the medieval garments for me and my mother, a dress in linnen and a robe for the night, mine in red and mothers in ice blue. Now off to bed and sleep for some hours before heading for the ferry at seven or eight in the morning. Katarina

Sigrid by Johanne Hildebrandt

Just finished my first audiobook through the Storytel app. Oh happy commuting! When writing this I am at the x2000, the fast train in Sweden, towards Linköping and later my parents. Mum and I am heading to Gotland and the Medieval week tomorrow. I am in first class this time, found this offer at SJ where you can travel half price in first class this summer. Lovely! Didn´t know that I was a first class person, but must say that this is something I can get used to. But back to the book. Sigrid When younger I read the entire Johanne Hildebrandt saga about Freja and Tor, our old Gods here up in the north. It seem far away and hard to imagine that we ever used to worship them. We even managed to include a eight legged horse and weird sexual relationships in the mess and got away with it. On the other hand I guess that does not make us very different from the Roman and Greek empire with their divers interests. I, …

People staring at a Mermaid

There is always more or less famous tourist attractions in a city but every city has one that stands out. As Big Ben in London, the statue of liberty in New York, the Akropolis in Athens Warsaw has the mermaid statue in the old town. In common with other tourist attractions around the world i´m not sure that all tourists that look at the statue know why it is famous rather than just spotting that everyone is standing by this statue looking at it. At least I didn´t know, but I did notice the people. Googling the mermaid internet and various of tourist sources tells me that the mermaid has more than one legend and is suppose to be originating in the years around 1390 and before. It is thought to be medieval fashion and the legend goes that the mermaid was swimming in the river when stopping to rest, likting the city she decides to stay and then get noticed by local fishermen. The fishermen wants to trap her at first but then falls …


moving. the word almost taste lake ashes when you are in the middle of things. Yesterday and all weekend I packed. I packed. I packed. It never stops. Martin still lives in Grythyttan so for him it is no stress. I have to pack everything in two weeks since then is when we are moving all of our stuff to Stockholm. I started out good. Me alone in the bedroom. Then Martin tagged along and found my old Katarina hat.. And it continued. Oscar had some difficulties last weekend when someone broke into our storage rooms. They took half off his clothes, nothing from us.. I found a Kama Sutra book and we laughed a little at least. I took a selfie in my lamp. I enjoyed looking at our kitchen one last time.. Oscar started to rinse chantarells. Autumn already? Martin found my fake furry thing. Oscar continued to rinse. Martin played videogames.  Well, that was bascally my Sunday trying to pack in company of Oscar and a two year old child (boyfriend). Katarina

The view from the Taras Widokowy in Warsaw

I have a lot of photos from our time in Europe this summer. I saved some for later due to the simple fact that it was to many. When in Warsaw I shot a lot of photos from the Taras Widokowy in the old city, a terass overlooking the old city and more or less entire Warsaw. Now I am on the train back to Stockholm and wanted you to enjoy some photos of a magnificent view. To enjoy it real time, you just have to go to Warsaw Poland and the old town and then pay a little fee and walk a 150 stone steps, give or take. Katarina Photos shot with Canon EOS M3, 40 mm Canon pancake lens, ed lightroom

Forth and back to my new job.

My week has been intense and filled with work. I am back in Grythyttan now, and so I was last week as well. That weekend I walked a lot and this weekend it only rains. On Saturday and Sunday I passed this horse. On Saturday I was interesting, on Sunday I was not. On Tuesday I was almost alone at the train from Stockholm to Märsta and decided to take a selfie. When I got back Tommy and I (a bit camera-shy) had some creme brulee and saw the movie Child 44 with Naomi Rappace and Joel Kinnaman among others. Recommended! On Wednesday on my way to work I shot some photos of Farsta subway station. The subway is from 1960. Since 1982 it holds art from Gunnar Larson, Förvandlingar i luftrummet. And my office.. Thursday I headed for Solna and passed the Subway station in Solna centre. It holds different art from the 70s showing some problems that Sweden was struggling with at the time. Walking towards Svarta Katten to rent some medieval garments. After …

Making lemonade from lilacs / Syrensaft

Some weeks ago Martin made syrensaft, Lilac lemonade. It is always an interesting project when Martin creates in the kitchen and I decided to follow him around with my camera as always. This time I also took photos of the end product and tried it as well. The smell was exactly as honey and a bit confusing if you know how lilac flowers smell. When I got home from work Martin collected some lilac flowers from our garden and then started to rinse them together with Oscar, our neighbour and now Martins room mate when I live in Stockholm. I shot photos and admired the beautiful flowers during the preparation fase. After a while I got thirsty and suggested a drink and we had some apple beer (Lindemans). Love the color and the taste of the apple beer! Some days later the lemonade was ready and bottled. I must say that the process was more fun then the taste but perfectly suitable for the sweet- toothed kind of person. Katarina If you want to try …

a day at the beach

After the wedding we stayed for a day on the beach where the wedding took place. I actually took a swim twice during the day which is new for the thirty something me. When I have gotten older my fondness of swimming isn´t what it used to be and mostly I grin when entering the cold water but I also stop somewhere when the water reach my knees. It is something special with the Mediterranean and the blue water, it is almost magic. I think I am a bit in love with Greece. At the moment dreaming about my next trip to Greece which I am planning to be a backpacker trip through its waters and among the small and big islands, as Santorini. Santorini is somewhat of a dream. Late afternoon we headed for a restaurant and had calamares and fries, some cheese, tzatziki and more. Heading back home over the mountains it felt a bit sad, knowing that it was our last day in Greece. Katarina  

A Greek Wedding Story – Vicky and Stefanos

Saturday the 11th of July my cousin in Athens got married to his Vicky. I was there as a guest with Martin, my aunt and family, it was a greek ortodox wedding and my first of the kind. The morning started with some baklava and celebrating my other cousins birthday. It continued with getting ready for the wedding, sweating and trying to cool down at the same time. It seemed cooler then the other days, but still hot enough to be difficult when wearing dress coats. The wedding took place in a small local church close to my cousins home and the party at a beach a 20 minutes drive from Athens. In the church we got to witness a whole procedure of speaking and singing in something like latin, not understanding a word. But even if not understanding the language it was something special about it. During the evening the atmosphere was relaxed, no speaches, just an open bar and good food. We concluded that we didn´t miss the Swedish speaches and the stiff …

From Brussels to Stockholm

My first work-week in Stockholm has passed and I am sitting in the piece and quite of my Grythyttan apartment, while Martin and Oscar (our former neighbour living in our apartment at the moment) is at work. This is my week in images, Monday Starting in Brussel and the Brussel airport (this is the only thing I have ever seen of Brussel, so far, first impression: clean) me, Martin and Andreas stayed here for two hours waiting for our connection flights to Arlanda, Stockholm. We had food and the compulsory Belgian Waffle. Martin shot this cute photo of the waffle with my compact DSLR, the one he master by now. We also tried out the travelators and Martin took a photo of my awful mosquito bites (some friends on facebook suggested begbugs, hope not). This was the second time this summer I had these bites, first Italy and then now Greece. Greece was worst. They are gone now but you can still se soft shadows red and blue on my white naked legs. I shot …

Taking the train to the fleemarket in Monastiraki

After a sweaty first half of the day on Akropolis and the Akropolis  museum we continued towards the fleemarket in Monastiraki, the old neighbourhood of Athens. By taking the train I ment taking the local touristrain cruising the streets of Athens until stopping at a square located in the Monastiraki district. On the way in the train we passed the Greek parliament and expected at least some demonstrations due to the Greek financial circumstances. We didn´t though and that kind of surprised me. We saw one sign with the name oxi written on it, which if I understood it correctly means no. Maybe this is what is all has been about without speculating to much, saying no I mean. Instead of finding activists we found the normal Greek salesmen and flags on the square on the other side of the parliament. Busy yelllow cabs? Arriving at the classic tourist streets of Monastiraki we walked and walked and bought and bought. Well, not entirely true. I didn´t buy anything, My cousins did. The shops have classic …

Akropolis museum

Next up Friday was a bit to eat after climbing the big Akropolis cliff. Exhausted, sweaty and full of history we had ourself a souvlaki and some fries. Continuing the 500 m´s to the Akropolis museum and the exhibitions there the first thing that strikes me is the impressive building. With massive pillars in concrete and a glass floor the building itself is a piece of an art and I mostly stared at the building rather than on the sculptures and remains in the museum. An even more interesting notion was the glas floor on the third floor that you pass directly underneath when entering the building. Do I need to say heat and short skirts? I was embarrassed. Sadly the museum had photo prohibitions so I didn´t take any other photos than on my cousins and outside the museum. The museum had a pretty large collection and have both permanent and temporary exhibitions. When we visited, the temporary exhibitions were the Samothrace. The mysteries of the great gods, an exhibition from the regional parts …


I had  a few days of break (have started my new work and focused on the Stockholm routine) but now I am back. Last Friday when in Athens we did some touristy stuff. I´ve splitted the day into two posts since the more the merrier. From the greek word Akron or Akros (highest) and polis (city) I give you Acropolis of Athens. Such an amazing view, such an amazing light!   In 250 trillion degrees me and my cousins, Martin and the children of my one cousin and wife walked up the hill to the Acropolis cliff. The kids where okay with walking the distance even if a few tears where coming down their little cheeks. Well, it was hot. Almost the only ones who made it to the cliff in the end where my cousins, Martin and me, the other four stayed behind but managed all the way to the top. Hurray! Children are such great posers!  There is evidence that the hill was inhabited around 400 -500 B.C. That is a long time …

Preparing for a wedding in Athens

We arrived Thursday in Athens and when we arrived, the family was preparing for the wedding. Stepping out in the airport Aten-Elefthérios Venizélos we were picked up by Stefanos, my cousin who is getting married. The day was spend playing football (not me though) and then later in the evening we were invited to dinner at Vicky´s (the bride to be) parents place. We had the most fantastic Greek food ever. As everyone is well aware of Greece is struggling with a severe economic crisis. I haven´t experienced much of this yet but everyone is talking about it and when out you can see people queuing to the ATMs. Today the wedding is taking place and we are getting prepared by ironing our clothes, doing the hair and make – up and having the pre- wedding drink to calm our nerves. Katarina Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and Sigma 50 mm Art, Canon 40 mm pancake

5 romantic movies for the lonely soul

I´m not sure what happened this weekend but my couch turned into a romantic movie nest where I happend to see five (romantic) movies in only two days. Bad I know, I so wish it was five books instead so I could brag about these at work, but it were movies and sadly they were great and full- filled my need. In no specific order, The longest ride – the last movie I saw but not the least. Featuring an art student played by Britt Robertson and cowboy/ bullrider who meet and fall in love. Severely romantic for the most romantic of people. Takes place in the American South and give you everything you want for an evening alone with a big bowl of candy. After seeing it I felt like googling bullriding, next event closest to home and go straight away to see a real event. A plus is that the guy is Clint Eastwoods sun, Scott Eastwood. Good genes. The lucky one – Another south movie having a blue eyed Zac Efron playing the …

Austin Food Works

Now I am on the move again!  Yesterday we visited Stockholm for a couple of hours and then continued towards Arlanda and Greece in the morning. In Stockholm we met Emma and had some food at Austin Food Works on Norrtullsgatan. It is a American South styled restaurant (owned by some Texas Longhorn people) that serves food from, yes, the American South. The hipster factor is high I promise! Both Martin me and Emma enjoyed the food and service. I had a caesar sallad that was massive and Martin a meat dish. I had mine with some Kulla must, that tasted like an Apple cake with cinnamon and vanilla sauce. Yummie! The restaurant is both praise worthy and prise worthy, we paid around 500- 600 sek for three peeps. Later we continued towards Märsta and our friend Tommy´s place to stay the night before heading for Arlanda, the Stockholm airport, early in the morning. Now in Athens with family, preparing for a wedding. Hope you are prepared for a Greek weekend!  Katarina

Nordic Travel Bloggers

I am part of something new! It is a collective of travel bloggers aiming to work together and with the travel business with campaigns/ prearranged trips and more to make it easier for those who want a bloggers service to find a blogger suitable for the campaign in mind. In the network there is bloggers from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. So if you are interested to find out more follow our Facebook page and across other social media channels using @NordicTB and invite your friends and partners to follow us too. – NordicTB on Instagram NordicTB on Twitter Webpage: Nordic travelbloggers Contact persons: Janicke Hansen – (Norway) Lola Akinmade Åkerström – (Sweden) Inna-Pirjetta Lahti – (Finland) Katarina Infographics from Nordic Travelbloggers

en gaffel kort

In Österlen, to be specific, in Simrishamn, there is a place called en gaffel kort. If to google translate the name ”en gaffel kort” into English it it turns in to ”a fork cards”, which basically proves how bad google translate works for translating Swedish in to English and also explain my choice of writing in English in the first place. Translating it, using the the Swedish word kort which is short in this case, it becomes understandable ”a fork short” and even better when tossing the words around to ”the short fork”. By now I think everyone understands the name, and we will leave it at that. en gaffel kort Storgatan 3, 272 31 Simrishamn — Skåne Phone: 0414-44 80 70 When in Österlen and Gärsnäs, Simrishamn, the guys decided to book us a table at their own restaurant (where they work), en gaffel kort. The place, situated close to the water in Simrishamn is a small restaurant with the best food we had on our entire trip. I´m not sure if Martin …


Taking the night train from Warzaw (towards Swinoujscie/Ystad) at 23.40 Thursday the 25th of June. Experiencing a weird polish night train ride again (last time when 18 years old traveling with school to Auschwitz) with non functioning toilets, people smoking in them and non English speaking polish train attendants. Martin and I share a cabin with a polish student studying in Warzaw going home to his small city on the countryside. He has more polish night train experience then us, it is obvious since he brought his own sleeping bag. At this train of course, we don´t get any blanket, pillow or water and with a non functioning toilet we don´t really expect breakfast. When thinking about it suddenly I am missing the harsh Austrian guy.   Cost for train tickets: 1085 sek (compared to the night train from Berlin to Venice it is a small sum) Arriving at the train station in Swinoujscie we run around looking for the port. After speaking with three non English speaking polish people we find the port and get …

First thing back after traveling – heading for a walk in Grythyttan

First thing back I head out for a photowalk, who could have guessed? I think that every body who follow this blog would have guessed that by now. The weather in Sweden is fantastic. Yesterday when shooting these photos the sun was shining and the temperature perfect. Today it is hot, a bit to hot for my taste and after work I locked myself in the cool dark apartment playing videogames, eating Nutella directly from the jar. Yes, I know, it is not healthy. Just got back from a evening out with my work colleagues ”celebrating” me moving to Stockholm and a new workplace. One of my bosses turned up, a very nice surprise. Katarina Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and 50 mm Canon lens f 1.8 ii