Month: januari 2015

Out shopping.

Those days when you know that you need to do other stuff you tend to just go and do nothing. Our day doing nothing was filled with doing something, named shopping in Örebro. Martin needed to return a couple of jeans that didn´t live up to what was promised of them and we checked out IKEA for some frames. In the end we didn´t return with any frames but coffee- glases and scented candles. Now back home Martin is playing Grand Theft Auto and me are blogging, soon to edit some more photos from the shoot earlier this week. Have a great weekend! Katarina   Canon 5D Mark iii 40mm Canon lens f.2.8 Edit Lightroom

Behind the scenes.

Did a small photojob the other day for the students on their preparations for an annual job-fair in Grythyttan. It was portrait photography. They created my own little photostudio for me… in the bathroom *grin*. Shot some behind the scenes photos of this event. Have been working late all week and gotten back from work around six or seven p.m so have been neglecting my spare time. I am editing some photos as we speak form this shot and soon of to the couch. Couch is my best friend after working late. Katarina And thanks for the fantastic flowers!

My friend isn´t that young anymore.

It is something special about Sundays. don´t you think? I rarely get stressed and I don´t get a bad conscience for waking up late. I´m sure I didn´t get out of bed until 11.22 in the morning, or whatever, basically mid day. Normally the time I have lunch at work almost.  Getting out of bed any other day would have made me stressed out. How do you feel about Sundays? Anyway, today I spend my Sunday having coffee, watching Drop Dead Diva, took a long walk in the forest and also edited a film I am making for some students. I must say that ven though I got out of bed that late I got so much done. In the evening we celebrated Tommy that turned 31 a week ago. Last year we celebrated him turning 30, a bit bigger. I wrote about it in the post Manger de la cuisine cajun et dire au revoir! Those photos where in sepia so this year I´ll go for black and white. Now some Drop Dead Diva and soon off …

Rome- an architectural, coffee paradise

Architectural paradise, with the best coffees and dessert I´ve ever had- maybe except for the Nutella- Cremé Brulé in Les Halles in Paris. This is Rome. I traveled to Rome in May 2011.  With me I didn´t bring any camera så you will have to live with my poor iPhone 3 photos. At that time I thought the quality was great. I´m not sure what I was thinking. I traveled for a full Rome weekend with the company of my mother and aunt to see architecture and all that you need to see when in the capitals of Europe. I saw the big ones of course, the Colosseum, the bridges, the Spanish Steps, Fontana Di Trevi and the Sixteenth Chapel. But what do I remember best? Well, actually I have several answers here. I do remember the big ones the best maybe. But the fondest memory I have of the morning breakfast and coffee on the terass of the hotell, the drunk hotel portier when we arrived at the hotel (who couldn´t even fix our door-keycard, …

Update- the blogs I read – Resfredag

I follow a lot of other bloggers. I have written posts about it before like ”Borgå- Porvoo – with the bloggers in the Archipelago- a presentation” and ”the blogs I read”. I said that I would add more blogs to the list of the blogs I read and here is another one that just updated her design. The blog is called Resfredag and is written by Annika Myhre who also where one of the organisers of yesterdays Travel Massive. Annika takes wonderful photos and write about travel in Swedish. She has recently written about hiking through the Narrows and have been to Machu Picchu with her mother. She says that Machu Picchu is one of her fondest memories and top one of her top five list. I definitively loved my visit at Machu Picchu. Check out her blog and read her travelstories and get inspiration. Katarina  

Stockholm Travel Massive- the January 2015 event.

Sitting on the train heading back from Stockholm Travel Massive. An event I´ve attended twice. In August and now in January. New planned for May and I will most likely attend that one as well.   There where a range of people attending Travel Massive tonight. Met new and met old friends in the travel business.   The event as said before was arranged by Sofia, Lola and Annika with the blogs Fantasiresor, Slowtravel Stockholm och Resfredag. I just learnt that Resfredag is going to get a new design soon which will be exiting. New and pimped. We had delicious snacks and wine. Water for me since I where driving home.   A range of speakers of whom I do not know the name spoke during the evening. My brain never works when it needs to but the event took place in the headquarters of Ving, a Swedish Travel Agency. They had decorated their lounge area in some form of Mediterranean/ North African style and had borrowed statues from the Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm. I met Margareta …

On my way to Stockholm Travel Massive

In August I went to Stockholm Travel Massive. It was my first Travel Massive and what I think also was the first Travel Massive in Sweden, an event put together by three bloggers Lola, Annika and Sofia with the blogs Slowtravel Stockholm, Resfredag and Fantasiresor. I am now on my way to the next Travel Massive by car and train. Hopefully I will make it and the train won´t be delayed. Photo from last event of the three organizers. Read the post here and see other photos. The event: From the page of Travel Massive– > ”Ljusgården, Ving AB Rålambsvägen 17 105 20 Stockholm Sweden View map Description It’s time for our next Travel Massive – a wonderful (and free!) travel networking event with fika – which connects travel writers, bloggers, and travel industry members in our backyard – Stockholm. Thanks to our wonderful host Ving AB for bringing us together once again. Use hashtags #TravelMassive and #LetsGoVing during your time at Travel Massive and share photos on Instagram and Twitter using these hashtags too! …

My photoproject about Bergslagen.

For you who remeber I started a photoproject in September 2014 about something. At the beginning I didn´t know what I was aiming to do but it later turned to be a project about Bergslagen. When I applied for what was also a course at the University I applied as a photoproject with the aim to go behind the cultural values of Bergslagen. I didn´t finish of course, but the course itself I finished this month and the following photos are my first from the project. I am thinking about building maybe a separate page here on the blog for the presentation of the project in the future but that is a later issue. At the moment or as long as I live still here in Grythyttan I´ll continue the project but on my own. I haven´t added any text but I have read poems in combination with looking on old photographs and other books from Bergslagen. Maybe I will add, maybe I won´t. At the moment you just have to enjoy the pics I …

DIY- Instagram collage poster

Some tips feel worth sharing in more than one social media. This little DIY tip feels like that, an Instagram pic poster made by photos from my Instagram account. This poster arrived in my mail yesterday and was of fantastic quality. Real photopaper from fujifilm and all! This is how I did it 1. Go to and choose your country. I used the service of Ica foto, a Swedish site that uses the photobox service so the homepage is the same, just with the design of Ica photo instead. If your are from lets say United Kingdom, hit the UK button and then your are at the UK site. 2. I used the thing called COLLAGE POSTER PRINTS the size 30″ x 20″ (50 x75 cm in Sweden). 3. I pushed that button and then you just have to follow instructions and add photos (maybe create an account first). You can choose between adding from you computer or straight away from your instagram. I added straight away from my insta. 4. After adding it to a photo …

Jag gästbloggar hos Resia om Machu Picchu!/ Guestblog about Machu Picchu

Idag gästbloggar jag på Resias hemsida. Du hittar inlägget här. Så himla kul tycker jag. 🙂 Resia är det företag jag också tävlade ut resväskan ifrån i höstas för er som kommer ihåg det och är en stor resebyråkedja. Läs mer rolig info på Resias hemsida. Today I am guestbloging at the Resia blog. Check out the post here. I am so happy. 🙂 Resia is the company I also gave away a suitcase from last fall for those of you who remember and is a big travel agency in Sweden. Read more interesting stuff on the homepage of Resia. Katarina

Trying out video apps for future video bloging.

Made a little short 39 sek resumé film of my instagram photos today to try out the editing apps. Downloaded the iMovie app and the Adobe Premiere app. Basically they have the same features so ended up using iMovie. Think that the result was great, easy to use and free of charge. Can´t be better. More videobloging for everybody! Anyone that uses Youtube and have a serious chanel or something maybe can explain to me how I the best way categorise my movies. Should I use chanels? What are they for? Katarina MY INSTAGRAM Movie edited in iMovie and uploaded to Youtube, all in my phone. Music is standard music from the app.

A photo-shoot with a friend- Child portraits

During my Christmas break I hanged with a friend and her child and shot some photos of them. It is so fun when someone agrees to be shot willingly! 😉 When trying you discover how hard it is to get the child happy. When the child is happy you have no focus and when you have focus, the child is crying. A challenge! What do you think about the result? Katarina Place: Gästgivarhagen, Vimmerby Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens + CL polarising filter from Kenko.

When Assassin´s Creed takes over your life and fills it with pizza.

Bought a new lens. A 40mm Canon pancake lens thingy. It is small and it is fantastic. You will probably see it in more posts since it is now the primary lens for my blog photos (I like to believe). I weighs less than 200g that why. It is tiny and cute. For a pre-check of the tiny amazing thing see this photo. Anyway. I have only used it for everyday photos and I assure you. I have shot basically everything with it and it works. I am sure that the Sigma lens is 10.000 better, but this little fellow weighs 1/5 of the Sigma lens weight. My back cried of happiness. Anyway. I have now been back to work for a week and handed in my photoproject (first part) Sunday. Yesterday I handed in my photos for the photo competitions in the area and today I am looking through the projects of the other students. puh. Tired. going to tack a early evening nap or maybe play some playstation 4. Please don´t give a guilty …

My first phototrip- heading to Iceland.

My travelplans for this year is grand. I am aiming for spending all vacation time on travels, also all my money (laugh). Yeah, traveling is expensive, and sorry to say, still very environmental unfriendly. Yesterday night I booked a trip to Iceland in August with Emelie Ohlson, a photographer from Sweden who arranges workshops- specialised in weddingphotography. The trip is booked for 12-16 augusti and I got one of four golden spots. It is a four day long program of shooting photographs in the beautiful landscape os Iceland. I am so exited. Check out the blog of Emelie Ohlson to see picture from her last year workshop there. In the post Årsresumé 2014 she shows her photo of the year and it is from Iceland. On of my favorite photos must be this one of Ekstakusten on Gotland. If anyone want a bridal photo from here, riding a vintage car with wind in their hair and wedding dress I am so all yours. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.

Please, let the snow stay!

This winter suck. I mean, first it is snow, then in a matter of hours when you come home from work, it rains. Please give me minus five and snow for at least three weeks! I don´t like this. Two nights ago I was feeling extra photo-crazy, shot my entire appartment, my new decor and also half of Grythyttan in a photosrage. I think it was the weather, because during the day lots of snow turned up from nowhere and I felt extra happy when coming home. I went out and shot the below photos, very good for being dark and shot with my cheapy Canon lens don´t you think? Yesterday morning I woke up and it was all gone. How depressing is that? Katarina   Canon 5D Mark iii Canon 50mm f,1.8ii Edited in Lightroom

The truth about everyday life.

A discussion arose on lunch yesterday at work and it was about how I and the others felt about cleaning. Do we clean toilets, dust or just floors? Do we always do the dishes before going to bed and do we always put our clothes back in the closet after work or do we just leave it on the floor? Make the bed? Anyone? If this was a competition I would hit the grand slam of all grand slams. Except for one maybe, and that is the bathroom. MY limit for bathroom cleaning is when the metallic and the mirror start having spots of toothpaste. So is the case this week after getting playstations 4. I can´t even look at it anymore. But check out the other rooms and see, you are not alone!     This is my attempt to clean out my closet and letting you know that, well, the everyday person rather jump inbetween the stacks of clothes than acutally pic them up. But what are your cleaning routine then? I´m dying to know! …