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moving. the word almost taste lake ashes when you are in the middle of things. Yesterday and all weekend I packed. I packed. I packed. It never stops. Martin still lives in Grythyttan so for him it is no stress. I have to pack everything in two weeks since then is when we are moving all of our stuff to Stockholm. I started out good. Me alone in the bedroom. Then Martin tagged along and found my old Katarina hat.. And it continued. Oscar had some difficulties last weekend when someone broke into our storage rooms. They took half off his clothes, nothing from us.. I found a Kama Sutra book and we laughed a little at least. I took a selfie in my lamp. I enjoyed looking at our kitchen one last time.. Oscar started to rinse chantarells. Autumn already? Martin found my fake furry thing. Oscar continued to rinse. Martin played videogames.  Well, that was bascally my Sunday trying to pack in company of Oscar and a two year old child (boyfriend). Katarina

Forth and back to my new job.

My week has been intense and filled with work. I am back in Grythyttan now, and so I was last week as well. That weekend I walked a lot and this weekend it only rains. On Saturday and Sunday I passed this horse. On Saturday I was interesting, on Sunday I was not. On Tuesday I was almost alone at the train from Stockholm to Märsta and decided to take a selfie. When I got back Tommy and I (a bit camera-shy) had some creme brulee and saw the movie Child 44 with Naomi Rappace and Joel Kinnaman among others. Recommended! On Wednesday on my way to work I shot some photos of Farsta subway station. The subway is from 1960. Since 1982 it holds art from Gunnar Larson, Förvandlingar i luftrummet. And my office.. Thursday I headed for Solna and passed the Subway station in Solna centre. It holds different art from the 70s showing some problems that Sweden was struggling with at the time. Walking towards Svarta Katten to rent some medieval garments. After …

First thing back after traveling – heading for a walk in Grythyttan

First thing back I head out for a photowalk, who could have guessed? I think that every body who follow this blog would have guessed that by now. The weather in Sweden is fantastic. Yesterday when shooting these photos the sun was shining and the temperature perfect. Today it is hot, a bit to hot for my taste and after work I locked myself in the cool dark apartment playing videogames, eating Nutella directly from the jar. Yes, I know, it is not healthy. Just got back from a evening out with my work colleagues ”celebrating” me moving to Stockholm and a new workplace. One of my bosses turned up, a very nice surprise. Katarina Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and 50 mm Canon lens f 1.8 ii

Grythyttan graduation

And the day when Martins is graduating finally arrived. The time here in Grythyttan has passed somewhat to quick when thinking back. Feels like it was only yesterday Martin and me were driving from Vimmerby to Hällefors the first time to pick up our keys to the apartment we have been living in here in Grythyttan. And now, the last day for the third year students have arrived. The day started with two hours in Grythyttan church where scholarships where presented as well as speeches from teachers and students. Carl – Jan Granqvist attended and spoke about the importance of Grythyttan and what it means to be a student from Grythyttan, in the culinary world.There were many laughs and a lot of joy during the ceremony as well as after. Our friend Daniel Malm received Gjutjärnspriset in his folklore suit for his reflections about the craftsmanship of cooking and what it means to be a student here- now and in the future. The people attending was wearing their finest garments and the students wear dress suits or …

Sooting nature.

When work demands the most of you and when everyday life seem difficult to manage, a walk in nature is the best medicine. At least for me. Working with a new theme is demanding and frustrating, I tell you. You need to rethink all the different angle and relearn postings posts and more. This theme for one example has a million widgets. Today work was great, I got some important work done and then headed home for a cup of tea and some CSS struggling. Will continue tomorrow. Now Martin and I are looking at for us a new tv-series, Sleepy Hollow. Intriguing. Katarina Shot with Canon EOS M3, different lenses and editing in Lightroom

Party like a rockstar (?)

You know you´re getting old when you 20 minutes before the guests are arriving you starting to get dressed, leaving you with 10 minutes just for clothes, hair and make – up and 10 minutes to light candles and do some apartment quick-fixes. After editing wedding pictures for a full day, you don´t really care that you only have 10 minutes and I must say, I enjoy that I can enjoy the moment and not plan days in advance for everything. Reaching 30 you start looking at life in a more rational and not so stressed maner. Well, I haven´t really been the stressed out type anyway. Not about life atleast. So, I wont ramble on about life anymore, just want to day that yesterday, those not so stressed nerves came to use when Martin invited Joakim and Mattias for some ceviche. Martins has made his Ceviche technique better and it tastes kind of great. More ceviche to the people! We started with ceviche, and Joakim made some Margaritas with rasberries and without. Yummie. After …

taking a stroll a simple Saturday as this

Today I have focused on editing all photos from the wedding. A lot of work I assure you. Will do the rest this evening and tomorrow. It is so much fun and such amazing photos. To take a break I took a stroll down the natur path in Grythyttan as well as a stroll in the village and the forest and shot some sunny day photos. I met mostly birds and a birdwatcher. This week has been full of job interviews. May is an interesting month so far with new adventures awaiting. Katarina Photos shot with Canon Eos M3, 18-55 Canon lens, ed in Lightroom-  

With wind, sheep and crema catalana as my only company

Monday me and Martin went for Elias birthday in the evening. Beforehand I headed for a walk, talking an hour off my work time and leaving early. This hour is a weekly benefit from my work called Friskvårdstimme that all that are employed at arbetsförmedlingen in Sweden can use. Probably other employers have it as well. Anyway. Getting home I off course tried out shooting a selfie of myself, smug as ever. Then I headed for the forest, taking the road towards Bredvid/ Smalviken. Turned left at the mailboxes as always.. Said hello to my sheep. Tried shooting anemones in backlight. Practising getting the focus right. Met Jocke for a double – selfie, maybe a groupie, according to him. Had another cup of Crema Catalana. Yummie.   Well, that is what happens when you try to exercise on Monday, you end up having desert instead. Have a nice Wednesday evening guys. I am ”single” at the moment when Martin is in Gothenburg, trying out restaurant and asking them questions, bachelor exam work something.. Katarina Photos …

Time for ”fredagsmys”

Just got back from worked and poured me a cup of delicious potato-chips. not sure if pour is the correct term when it´s not a liquid, but anyway. Now it is done and it is time for bones while Martin is cooking Paella. Trying out my camera this week and here are some photos from the other day when Martin and me where walking to Jockes place. Tried to catch the sun without overexposung to much, sometimes I succeeded, and sometimes I didn´t. Katarina  

Guestblogging at Dryden about Grythyttan and Bergslagen

this is a busy week. I am on a roadtrip in Norway and at the same time a guest at the travelblogger Drydens place. My post at Dryden is a quick guide to a small roadtrip in Bergslagen. Hope you will enjoy it. Dryden made a fantastic collage of a bunch of my photos. 🙂 Check out the post on  Blogging from the phone so will get back with a link to the exact post later. Katarina Share with you my favorite photo from my guest post. A golden oldie of the friends in Grythyttan.

Bathing in sun

The weather acts strange in Sweden at the moment. This week has been all about work so far and started with sun. I shot these photos on Monday. Today it started snowing massively again. It has been snowing on and off for some days, just a little and some more today. The first reaction when looking out when it is snowing in late March is, ”What now?!”. This weekend I am aiming for some more relaxing and planning for me and my mothers weekend to Berlin. So happy planning trips, I long for the moment when I get to plan trips. So enjoy the photos of a sunny Grythyttan. Hope for some more sun this weekend. Katarina  

Having a Saturday dinner

Yesterday was a slow Saturday. Besides posting 50 photos from Peru, well and edit them, I didn´t do much. I went for a walk during the day just to realise that it had snowed, again. The sun was shining though and the air was fresh. Late evening me and some friends gathered for dinner, some steak and some veggie food (brocolli and artichokes) for me. Today it is yet another slow day and I am editing photos, and writing a guest blog post. The plan is also to update same proposals for weddingphotography assignments later. Now I am off to Bones. Katarina  

Early spring barbecue

The food is cooking in the kitchen and I have just gotten home from work. Long day with meetings in Lindesberg and now it is finally Friday evening! It is something special with Friday evenings isn´t it? This weekend I am aiming for doing as little as possible and scroll through new camera equipment. Have found a new Canon camera I am interested in.. The wallet will take a hit or two though. Earlier this week I have been working and walking in the evenings, shooting photos in the sunny weather. The weather changed yesterday and now it is actually snowing! This photo was shot yesterday when Martin and his friends where having a barbecue during the day. I thought it might be a bit interesting to see for you guys who live abroad. This is how the ground and surroundings look like when the snow have melted here in Sweden. It kind of lack colors and have a greyish finish to it all. Have a great weekend guys! Katarina      

Nothing Gold can Stay

Nothing Gold can Stay Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. Robert Frost     Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, lightroom Shot earlier today