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First thing back after traveling – heading for a walk in Grythyttan

First thing back I head out for a photowalk, who could have guessed? I think that every body who follow this blog would have guessed that by now.

The weather in Sweden is fantastic. Yesterday when shooting these photos the sun was shining and the temperature perfect. Today it is hot, a bit to hot for my taste and after work I locked myself in the cool dark apartment playing videogames, eating Nutella directly from the jar. Yes, I know, it is not healthy.

Just got back from a evening out with my work colleagues ”celebrating” me moving to Stockholm and a new workplace. One of my bosses turned up, a very nice surprise.


nature_grythyttannature_grythyttan-2 nature_grythyttan-3 nature_grythyttan-5 nature_grythyttan-6 nature_grythyttan-7 nature_grythyttan-8 nature_grythyttan-9 nature_grythyttan-10 nature_grythyttan-11 nature_grythyttan-12 nature_grythyttan-14 nature_grythyttan-15 nature_grythyttan-16 nature_grythyttan-17 nature_grythyttan-18 nature_grythyttan-19 nature_grythyttan-20 nature_grythyttan-21

Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and 50 mm Canon lens f 1.8 ii


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