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Austin Food Works

Now I am on the move again! 

Yesterday we visited Stockholm for a couple of hours and then continued towards Arlanda and Greece in the morning.

In Stockholm we met Emma and had some food at Austin Food Works on Norrtullsgatan. It is a American South styled restaurant (owned by some Texas Longhorn people) that serves food from, yes, the American South. The hipster factor is high I promise!

Both Martin me and Emma enjoyed the food and service. I had a caesar sallad that was massive and Martin a meat dish. I had mine with some Kulla must, that tasted like an Apple cake with cinnamon and vanilla sauce. Yummie!

The restaurant is both praise worthy and prise worthy, we paid around 500- 600 sek for three peeps. Later we continued towards Märsta and our friend Tommy´s place to stay the night before heading for Arlanda, the Stockholm airport, early in the morning.

Now in Athens with family, preparing for a wedding. Hope you are prepared for a Greek weekend! 


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