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Kitchen stories- Akademisk högtid

The students finally get to rest. The event is over and the video I produced, is shown and hopefully appreciated. Akademisk högtid is a yearly event held for new scientist at the Universities around in Sweden. In Örebro this event was held Saturday the 7th of February. For this event the students of the Academy of Grythyttan where the creators of the food and I produced a video about their work in the kitchen and about their menu. The video was later shown at the event. This post hold the video as well as behind the scenes photos through out these past months the students have been preparing for the event, starting in November. Enjoy this kitchen story and Monday! Video- Akademisk högtid Thanks to the students of Grythyttan and The Fisherman for lending me the music.   Photography- Akademisk högtid 15th of November, 2014- Early stage cooking. Trying out the coffee- pralines and main course, size and look. 19th of November, 2014- Early stage cooking. Creating first course, main course and dessert, improving. 16th …

Trying out video apps for future video bloging.

Made a little short 39 sek resumé film of my instagram photos today to try out the editing apps. Downloaded the iMovie app and the Adobe Premiere app. Basically they have the same features so ended up using iMovie. Think that the result was great, easy to use and free of charge. Can´t be better. More videobloging for everybody! Anyone that uses Youtube and have a serious chanel or something maybe can explain to me how I the best way categorise my movies. Should I use chanels? What are they for? Katarina MY INSTAGRAM Movie edited in iMovie and uploaded to Youtube, all in my phone. Music is standard music from the app.

10 things to do in Lima- Post 2- El Malecón, Miraflores

As you who follow me know, I have hanged around quite a bit in Miraflores and you may have also seen a lot of photos of a beach from up above and fantastic views over the city. This is basically what El Malecón is. A giant photo-opportunity. Basic knowledge It is a 6 mile stretch of green spaces, gardens and parks, where the best thing you can do is kiss your partner in the Parque de la Amor and watch the fantastic view. The Time list of course suggest other stuff to do as jogging, nothing I would ever do even if they payed me. A good idea that Time do point out is the possibility to rent a bike for a day. Something I haven´t done, but something smart since the stretch is so long. Those akin legs of a traveler needs som rest to. If you are not so in to bikes, maybe you like skating? 1. Parque del Amor El Malecón, Miraflores, Lima, Peru 2. Bike Tours of Lima Bolivar 150, Miraflores, Lima, Peru;51-(0)1-445-3172 or 51-(0)1-99916-64223 …

A videoblog post: Going to the zoo.

Yesterday me and Martin, Abel and Louisa where at the zoo and I decided for a videblogpost from the zoo. As always I have some issues with the sound, still haven´t got an extra mic for the camera or a weird sound protector for the mic I actually have. Haven´t found the right store yet but are looking. So for you camera and Lima lovers out there, please send me a tip on where I can find a camera store. Enjoy the film about the zoo. Bare in mind that this is not a journalistic report, just another blogpost. I would like you to comment on the following (or other stuff if you have any other ideas): 1. For you who have followed the debate about the zoo:s- what is your opinion in the matter? 2. In zoos there is a lot of children and families, children who have learned a lot about the wildlife in the zoo:s. How could we do this in another way if not by zoo:s anymore? Katarina (filmed in HD resolution …

Martin talks of Astrid y Gaston

Me and Martin recorded a movie about his work at Astrid y Gaston and here it is. I got the idea from my friend M. R, a bloger, who wanted to know more about Martins work. The photos are taken of Martin with his Nikon Coolpix and is showing a dinner Martin was invited to by Gaston himself, also shown in one of the photos together with Martin.

A short interview with Martin after one week in Peru.

Testing my film and editing skills this week. They are bad, I tell you. But finally managed to learn some Adobe Premiere Pro basics after breaking a bit of a sweath the other day, not just due to my flu. Remembered that I promised my blog-friend Margarete to write a little about how Martin is doing in Astrid y Gaston, and here is some of the proof. But on the other hand I didn´t remember to do the video in English. Which is crap. Will do some more short interview of Martin and his work though, promise. I´m so sorry, yet again. I can do captions of course, but that is so much work. *puh* Watch and be amazed! Katarina Already published on Facebook- more will be coming friends. Shot with my brilliant but difficult Canon 5D Mark iii. Afterwards reading up on how you do the autofocus. But yet, good quality I think. Ed (just to a smaller file-size) in Adobe Premiere, a part of the Creative Cloud package.

Concerning the Weather

Min nya artikel som publicerades i Type Magazine igår. Längst ner finns tillhörande film som visar potentiella översvämningsområden i Örebro som finns på min nu också nya youtube kanal- Katarina Wohlfart. Ämnar främst att använda den till de filmer jag producerar som journalistiskt arbete, men vi får se, kanske får blodad tand. /Katarina It may not be obvious to everyone, but there is no snow. The weather in Sweden has been uncommonly mild during December, even past New Year’s Eve. But is this the calm before the storm? The 6th of December 2013 several parts of Skåne where flooded due to high seawater levels., the webpage providing important information during a crisis, stated that municipalities warned house owners about water in cellars. Several media, among those SVT, reported of water filling the streets of Malmö, Helsingborg and other cities. Hallandsposten reported the same day that due to the river Nissan and its high water levels the municipality of Halmstad warned their inhabitants of the risk of walking and biking paths being covered with water and …