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Making lemonade from lilacs / Syrensaft

Some weeks ago Martin made syrensaft, Lilac lemonade. It is always an interesting project when Martin creates in the kitchen and I decided to follow him around with my camera as always. This time I also took photos of the end product and tried it as well. The smell was exactly as honey and a bit confusing if you know how lilac flowers smell.

lilac_lemonade_syrensaft-3 lilac_lemonade_syrensaft-4

When I got home from work Martin collected some lilac flowers from our garden and then started to rinse them together with Oscar, our neighbour and now Martins room mate when I live in Stockholm. I shot photos and admired the beautiful flowers during the preparation fase.

lilac_lemonade_syrensaft-5 lilac_lemonade_syrensaft-6 lilac_lemonade_syrensaft-7

After a while I got thirsty and suggested a drink and we had some apple beer (Lindemans). Love the color and the taste of the apple beer!lilac_lemonade_syrensaft-8

Some days later the lemonade was ready and bottled. I must say that the process was more fun then the taste but perfectly suitable for the sweet- toothed kind of person.

lilac_lemonade_syrensaft-2 lilac_lemonade_syrensaft


If you want to try it yourself –

the recipe – inpired by Jennysmatblogg

Det här behöver du :

60   blomklasar av lila bondsyrén
2  kilo strösocker
2 1/2   liter vatten
20  gram citronsyra
2  citron

( en vaniljstång )

Gör så här:
Skölj blommorna i vatten och rensa bort allt och behåll bara blommorna.
Koka upp socker och vatten och rör tills allt sockret har löst sig. Ta av från plattan och rör ner citronsyran och rör om. Lägg skivad citron och syrenblommorna i en djup kastrull och häll över det heta vattnet, sätt på ett lock och låt svalna. Ställ sedan in i kylskåpet och låt stå i tre dagar. Rör om morgon och kväll så att alla ingredienser blandar sig. Dag tre är den färdig. Sila och häll upp i flaska.

What you need:

60 panicles of lilac flowers
2 kg sugar
2 1/2 liters of water
20 grams of citric acid
2 lemons

Do this:
Rinse the flowers in water and remove everything but the flowers. Boil sugar and water and stir until the sugar has dissolved, remove from the stove and add the citric acid while stiring. Add sliced lemon and the flowers in a large pot and pour over the hot water, cover and leave to cool. Move the saucepan in to the refrigerator and leave for three days. Stir morning and evening so that all ingredients mix. The third day, it is ready. Filter – and pour in a bottle.


  1. Weird … but I suppose you can make drinks out of anything, really …
    What’s the difference between apple beer and cider ?

    • We have a lot of lilac here in May and June so might be why someone tried it once upon. The difference between is the same difference as beer and cider I guess. When making cider you leave the apples so a process starts and the fruit sugar turns to alcohol. Beer you brew. Don’t know the exact difference. Google?! 🙂

      • Yes, Katarina, Sometimes we all need a sugar fix, especially in hot weather when our energy is low. Ironically it is only a short term solution as our body overcorrects the excess sugar with more insulin, so we feel tired a while after, but my goodness the sugar tastes good!! No wonder so many of us are addicted to it.

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