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Behind the scenes at a wedding photo workshop on Iceland – part two

Continuing on part one, Behind the scenes at a wedding workshop on Iceland – part one. Day 3 Hella, Geysir and Gullfoss Waking up me and my roomie Lisa head to breakfast and from the dinner you can spot some Icelandic horses eating grass peacefully. Some other girls shot some shots of them before we left in the morning. We then head out and meet up the bride and groom at Geysir, an area with an Icelandic Geisir that actually sprays water on a regular basis. This might have been the most difficult photos for me. Here there where so many tourists that is  was too difficult to shoot and I didn´t get much more than some over exposed shots with some smoke from the hot ground around the geiser. Going from Geisir to Gullfoss, a grand waterfall on Iceland, it was easier to shoot but still a lot of tourists. It wasn´t until we just stop next to the road that we got our first great photos with a mountain in the background in some and …

Behind the scenes at a wedding photo workshop on Iceland- part one

Some weeks ago I headed to Iceland to participate in a wedding workshop with Emelie Ohlson. The workshop was taking place for five days between the 12tth and 16th of August 2015. This behind the scenes post consist of two parts and the second part hold a collection on hands on tips on whats important when traveling abroad on a photo trip. Heading from the airport in Keflavik to Hotel Keflavik Day 1 Arriving Our first day we all met up at Hotel Keflavik. We were ten persons traveling together, Emelie and Ulrica the photo-teacher and her assistant, Linda & Jasmin, Malin & Annelie, Sandra & Lena and me & Lisa. After meet and greet with dinner we where off to bed and I took an evening walk and shot my first Iceland photos along the shoreline of Keflavik. Me, Jasmin and Lisa on the way from the airport Lisa, my roomie is trying out her fisheye. We are not still sure what the black box surrounding it is due to. (Got the answer from Malin and this …

Restaurants, cafées and food in Visby

I have been to Gotland two times now, once traveling around the island by car and this time during the medieval week. I think it is time for a list of some food I have eaten and my favorites so far are the vegetarian burger at Brooklyn Visby and the crepés at Crêperi & Logi in Visby, but the food during the medieval week is something extra as well. Most typical food to try out is Lamb (for the meat eater), Gotlandsdricka (a drink special for Gotland made from enbär/ juniper) and saffron pancake with salmbärs jam. Don´t worry if you are a vegetarian, all of Sweden have varied food and it is almost never ever any problem to get a veg dish instead of meat wherever you go. Restaurants Crêperi & Logi The last restaurant we had dinner at before leaving medieval week -15. They have what the name says, crepes. yey! Who doesn´t love crepes? Creperi & Logi have both food and desert crepes, ciders, wine and more. Mum and I had ”Madame” the most expensive crepes for around …

ice ice baby

The forth day on our phototrip/workshop we woke up in Vik. A bit tired we started the day with product photography/ preparation photography, shooting the bride and groom when dressing. Must say that this is some of my favorite parts of the whole wedding shooting business. Except, taking photos of the ring that is. It is so small I barely see it. But, when doing this at the workshop I got some great tips from the phototeacher, apparently you can buy a macro filter and put on your ordinary lens. I didn´t know before, how smart! And better is, it worked! After lunch we headed for Jörkulsárlón, a glacier sea some hours from Vik. In a way the best and the worst photos was shot here. This light was the most difficult for me but the end result somewhat of the best. I loved the floating ice passing the bride and groom when shooting.I loved the atmosphere and the turquoise blue color of the ice. I loved the ice. Hope you enjoy some of the photos. I …

shifting skies

I got home from Iceland at 6.00 a.m Monday morning this week and died. I woke up from the coffin around 3 p.m (Monday afternoon) when Martin called and since then I have been walking around in some sort of fog. Without any doubt Iceland was one of the most fantastic experiences in my life and I will re-tell the story afterwards, while being there I didn´t have any energy to blog so this will be some sort of, looking back at my week in Iceland week. I am back in Stockholm and back at work and Martin have also moved here by now. The second day on Iceland was spend by driving around inbetween targets, the Gullfoss waterfall and some roadshots together with some overexposed sunnier shots in the sun. It is so weird how the skies and the climate can change during the day and go from dark skies, rain, a bit cold and then later turn into sun, more sun and a lot of sun. How? So I am sorry that the …

a waterfall, a ravine and a bride

Our journey in Island continues and we have now shot the first two couples, Jorunn and Böddir was first up and we shot them yesterday through the worst rain and storm I have ever experienced as a photographer. It was eight degrees when we shot the pictures. This is some (not yet ready pictures) of the shoot by the waterfall and a ravine that happened during the day. Katarina

arriving in Iceland

After a bit of a stormy landing through fog in the airport of Keflavik our first nigh passed calmly. We got picked up by Emelie Ohlson and her assistant at the airport and then continued to Keflavik hotel. In the hotel we had dinner and got to know each other. The weather was horrific for a photographer, windy and rain at the same time, but I managed to take a stroll and shoot some evening photos before going to bed. The upcoming days are going to be intense and I am not sure if I manage to post anything but I will try. The photos from the first model shot of a great couple, Jórunn and Böddi are something extra even though it was raining the entire time.. Katarina Along the coastline of Keflavik. Icelands dramatic scenery is spectacular. Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens. Setting, lighthouse with people: iso 1250, 65mm, f6,3, 1/60 sek. 

Taking care of your camera before and during a trip

I am not the best ”taking care of your equipment lady” and God knows I rather trow a way clothes than fix them if broken. But when it comes to the camera I think it is better to be safe than sorry, being organised and always bringing a cloth is important. I am now on my way to Island with a bunch of photographers accompanied by Emelie Ohlsson photographer/teacher. Here are some quick tips and everything you need to keep your camera clean before and during a trip: If you don´t have any, buy a good cleaning cloth. The ones used for glasses are the ultimate ones. Be careful and check so that you haven´t gotten any grains in your cloth before cleaning. Do not under any circumstances use chemicals in or on your camera if your not sure what you are doing. On the outside you can use chemicals in some cases, but I normally just use paper and a very small amount of cleaning alcohol that are used for hands, for example to clean the …

Visby – Almedalen, the sea, Crêperie & logi and roses

Yesterday was our last day at medieval week. We handed our garments back to the lady we rented them from at Svarta Katten in Solna, which had a little stall at the medieval market. We then strolled the streets, mum got herself a lambskin and we afterwards had crepés at Creperi & Logi in Visby. A little bit waiting but well worth the time. The view looking at Almedalen and the view from over the rooftops might be the next best thing after all the streets with roses, don´t you agree? Katarina

Medieval week – jesters and jousting/ gycklare och tornerspel

So our third day on Gotland and second day on medieval week has passed. We had breakfast, went to the beach and got some tan, had lunch at Klosterlängan and watched both jesters and jousting. We started with a good breakfast at hotel Slottsbacken where we stay. Headed for the beach and got some sun. Klosterlängan After a couple of hours on the beach we headed for Klosterlängan and lunch. Mum had sheep and I had a vegetarian stew made of wheat, carrots and sourdoughbread. We both drank Klosteröl/ beer with the name Klosteröl. Jesters After lunch we walked to the medieval market where we saw jesters do a short show of juggling and more. Half the fun is looking at people in their cool outfits. Jousting The best part of the day was the evening that we spend watching knights and jousting. That was something extra and an event full of different events, jesters and fire. Totally recommendable for everyone, history interested or not. Katarina

Medieval week – the outfit, market, parade, party at the beach and Kapitelhusgården

So medieval week day one, or two depending on how you count, have now passed. The Sunday started slow but gave us the most beautiful weather, getting our hopes up! the parade First thing on the schedule of the day, for me and my mother was the parade. It started early and mum and I participated and walked through Visby in our medieval outfits. It started at Söderport and ended at the medieval market. Mum in her medieval garment. A linen dress and jewelry from Svarta katten in Solna. Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens. the market The parade took us all the way to the market area by the sea, close to the botanical garden in Visby. We spend the day there and had flatbrad (plattbröd) with butter and herbs, onions and cheese. We climbed the Visby wall and took photos of the crowd. The smell, oh the smell from the fantastic candied apples! the outfit and the initiation party at the beach After a quick rest we headed for the beach …

the sun is shining on the medieval week

Yesterday mum and I hoped on the ferry in Oskarshamn and headed for Gotland and the medieval week. The weather suddenly was better after all weeks of rain the sun was shining early in the morning. A coffee and some sleep later the ferry arrives in the Visby harbour and mother and I get off and walk to the hotel Slottsbacken where we are staying. We head for some lunch and eat meze and drink a beer in the sun after quickly leaving our package in our room. Happiness is in the air around town and we walk along the ocean and check out the place where the medieval market is built. The alleys and streets of Visby is something special and I smile when I see roses clinging to the sides of the houses. Katarina All photos  by me except the photo where I am walking along the Visby wall which was shot by my mother. Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm Art lens

SJ Prio and SOMMAR50

You know that I love trains right? It is my first choice of travel if I get the choice. Some times I don´t and most times I rule it out due to the time and price. Then I have some great news for everybody who are traveling in Sweden this summer until the 23rd of August at least. You can travel half price in first class if registering as a SJ prio member and typing the code SOMMAR50 when ordering your tickets online. Just remember to book them 48 hours in advance, the SJ email I got said. So happy traveling first class now, sitting on the train between Stockholm and Linköping now and first class is so much better. They even have afterwork today Friday. hihi. So funny. Here are some of my favorite train moments on instagram which includes SJ more than once. Trainstation close to Cusco, going to Machu Picchu – View this post on Instagram A post shared by Äntligen vilse (@antligenvilse) On the way to Machu Picchu with Andean Explorer …