Month: juli 2014

Water protection bag for the camera.

Bought a somewhat weird thing for my camera a while ago and have waited for the right weather before I could use it. It is a water protection bag for the camera. There is a photo of the bag on my instagram. It looks a bit weird, doesn´t it? Well, this weekend when my friends where here I tried it out in Torrvarpen, the lake next to the town where I live. I would say that it is probably better to by the original thing. This was a five dollar bag from a low price site, and well, the real deal is guaranteed better. First of all, it doesn´t really fit my cam and second, the photos come out a bit distorted. Well, on the beach you can of couse (as I did) use it for you advantage. But I had to go full auto (when closed not possible to change settings) and only my small lens that doesn´t work great on auto fit in the bag so there you have my problem. But, I will certainly …

some sheep and some food.

Had a very nice weekend with my friends from Stockholm. They have left for now and so has the sun. Thunder rumbles outside and I am watching my favorite show (at the moment), White Collar and thinking about making some waffles with cloudberry jam and cream. No beach 2014 for me. 😉 Enjoy the last photos from the weekend. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, Lightroom.

A moment of peace- Bergslagen, Grythyttan and Bredsjö blå.

My friend Caroline and her mate Marcus is here during the weekend. We are enjoying the fabulous Swedish summer weather and Bergslagen from it´s best side. In a way, at the moment, I´m traveling the backyard of where I live. Sometimes this is the best. Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens as well as 50mm lens from Canon, edited in Lightroom. When Marcus and Caroline arrived we prepared some hard bread with Bredsjö blå and hjortronsylt (cloudberry jam). We enjoyed it with a bottle of wine and some more.. Martin prepared a secret jar that will be ready in a week. Me and Caroline posed for a full shot photo. Her wearing a desigual and me in my kaftan from Röda korset and my Moheda wooden shoes. Martin guided us through Måltidens house in Grythyttan. Where he showed us a kitchen that comes up from the floor (and got stuck on the way down, creating a bit of stress .. ). He continued with Grythyttans Gästgiveri and their Magnificent wine cellar. And Stallet …

RIP- my freakin´awesome rabbit Skugge

My rabbit died. The day I got home from Peru, he past away in the morning before I came home. I miss him. This is a hip-hop gangasta´ memorial for my awesome rabbit Skugge. Any mean words and I bring out the gun. Period.   I have taken photos of him before and there is more then one post on the blog where he is featured. Here some other posts: Skugge and a selfie, Skugge i Linsen, Skugge i linsen- Vinter i Grythyttan. And of course he was active in social media and very popular on facebook and when retiring he also added instagram as one of his favorite hot spots.   Love you my dear old rabbit. Katarina

10 things to do in Lima- post 6- Government Palace and Plaza de Armas

Continuing my series about Lima with the Government Palace and Plaza de Armas in a 6th post about the Times List of 10 things to do in Lima. In a way, it feels like I´m rewriting my post about the Church of San Fransisco since they are pretty close by but this is another place.   Plaza de Armas, where the government palace also is  situated holds many treasures. I never visited the inside of the government palace, and as said by the Times article, it is restricted and only for special tours, what now that means. This is a bit boring and a minus for the overall experience of the place. A place I visited more than once on the other hand was the Artesania shops (crafts). But for some basic knowledge. On Plaza de Armas you have the following: Basic knowledge 1. Government Palace North side of Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru; 51-(0)1-311-3908 More Info 2. Cathedral of Lima East side of Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru; 51-(0)1-427-9647 or 51-(0)1-426-7056 3. Peruvian House of Literature Jr. Ancash 207, Lima, Peru; 51-(0)1-426-2573 More Info The times articles …

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire or Season of Summer

The summer has arrived in Sweden big time. It was 33 degrees when I left work yesterday. For you who know Sweden, this is hot. It is so hot that I just fell down in the couch getting back from work and didn´t have any energy to get up let alone blog. To give you something to laugh a little about, the Swedish Metrological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) have raised a class 1 warning in Sweden for high temperatures. It states ”that all over the country the temperature is expected to be 26 degrees or more” and it will continue, to Saturday. It is only in Sweden.. Here is some summer photos from Sunday when me and the boyf. where hanging out on the beach. Same beach I took the photos of my camerabag as well. This is my entry for fire/summer post at Cee´s. Cee, Swedes are on fire! 😉 Katarina

coca colala.

I don´t know about you guys, but here it was 33 degrees today. I´m officially dead. Unofficially I´m watching White Collar, my new favorite show, drinking tons of lemonade and dreaming about coca-cola and chips. I´m a bit worried about my teeth due to the sugar-filled summer-diet I´m on right now. I think the coca- cola name thingy is great. My mother collected hers and my fathers name on theirs. Had to take a snap shot of them. My mothers reaction was ”are you taking a photo without background”. Me:  ”what?” while she continue ”there is no background” Me: ”what?”. – Who needs a background when your photographing coca- cola bottles? It was the weirdest discussion.. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon lens 50mm f1.8. I am a bit surprised that is the same amount of cola in the bottles. What do you think?

A camerabag on the beach.

Yes I know, there has been a lot of camerabag post lately. This is because I bought three new camerabags at the same time. Now the last one have arrived and here it is. This is my absolute favorite. A very stable model that stands for itself even though there is nothing in it. Today it got to accompany me to the beach for a beach shoot. I bough it on, a chinese low price website that has about everything. It has all the expensive original camera models as lowepro and national geographic series (to a lower price, at least for Swedes) as well as these vintage, no brand, models that is more of an accessory bag than a traditional camerabag. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, lightroom. Photos taken by the lake Torrvarpen, Grythyttan.

The old mine Stripa in Bergslagen – Sweden

In the Instagram Travel Thursday post this week I wrote a question in the end of where to go for a short trip within 300 km from Bergslagen if me and boyf. wanted to go somewhere during this weekend. I think I got only one suggestion, and that is probably just because this guy is from the area and know what is within 300km from Bergslagen. Thanks to Replicant Core for suggesting Visingsö even if we ended up somewhere else.. Rep. Core is a blogger that lives in Örebro and comment frequently on my photos. Where did we end up then? The old mine of Stripa, Stripa gruva, is a mine in Bergslagen close to Lindesberg. It is really well preserved and a dream for photographers that loves history, rusty stuff and buildings. So Rep. Core, maybe this is something for you instead? Basic knowledge For 60 sek (around 10 dollars) you get a guided tour (ours where for 3 hours!) where the guide has a lot of knowledge of the area. The tour takes place …

A shocking (photo)- discovery.

Discovered an amazing store in the city Nora at my lunchbreak today. How cool isn´t this? Apparently the guy who has the store, Fotocentralen have gotten a lot of old cameras throughout the years, from his customers. I just stood there shocked. I finally got a hold of some film for my old camera though, well in this store of course. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens, lightroom.

Instagram Travel Thursday – Gotland

Found a interesting blogging concept of Instagram Travel Thursday on Skimbaco Lifestyle and was thinking that I should try it out for my travel readers out there. Maybe you can join as well? The concept  is called Instagram travel thursday and is basically about writing a story and adding instagram photos, which I will. What about a sum up from my travels on Gotland through some instagram photos? Some photos where added on the blog, but some where not. For you foreigners who doesn´t know of Gotland, it is one of the magic places in Sweden, worth visiting with a 13th century medieval Hanseatic town called Visby (which is on the World Heritage List) as one of the highlights on the trip. Photos taken with Canon 5D Mark iii and my two lenses as well as my iPhone/iPad.   ”waiting for the ferry on the way to #Gotland with mum. Nice and sunny for a boat ride. #iphone #photoshopexpress #oskarshamn”   To get to Gotland you go by ferry. It cost a lot especially if …

the camera.

I rearranged among my posts and decided that my equipment deserved it´s own category. Before it was found in a fixed page but that leaved little or no space for me writing about the equipment I so dearly love. I decided to go for own posts making it easier following when I buy and play with something new. Well, my camera deserves it´s own post of course. I had it for a while now (since January) so it deserve some talky talk about the good and the bad. Canon 5D Mark iii As everybody who follow me know I have a Canon 5D Mark iii. That is a long and well deserved name. I haven´t looked up why they are called Mark iii, maybe someone knowledgeable in cameras could fill this gap. When buying it I was choosing among the 5D Mark iii and the 6D of the Canon cameras. I have no knowledge and have barely tried out the Nikon cameras or other brands so there is nothing saying that my camera is better then …

10 things to do in Lima- Post 5- Parque de la Reserva – the water park.

Number 10 on the times list and post 5- The Magic Water Circuit or Parque de la Reserva in Lima. From times article- ”The Magic Water Circuit (Circuito Mágico del Agua) is the city’s newest attraction, and locals and tourists agree it’s surprisingly awesome. Check it out for yourself.” 1. Magic Water Circuit Parque de la Reserva, Block 5 of Av. Petit Thouars, Lima, Peru Above used links are from the Time article. Basic knowledge Cost: $1.50. Opening hours: The fountains are open Wednesday through Sunday, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. The park is a huge garden with fountains, train, a tunnel, art exhibitions and so forth. It is situated in downtown Lima, close to the tourism quarters. To get here you can walk, take the bus (the Metropolitano and jump of by the Estadio Nacional, the football stadium). It is next to the arena so there will be no problem finding the place. A good tip that Times give here is to go after the sun has set to see the water show. So did I. For …

Red hot camerabag.

Another new camerabag. I bought this one at the same time as the last one and this one costed around 27 dollars at My camera, keys, wallet etc fits in there with the 50 mm lens on, as long as I remove the extra camera padding. What do you think? Can give you a extra photo tips and that is based on the last picture of me taken by my boyf. It is the photo of my back walking. I look extremely short in this picture (and I´m 178cm tall). It is preferable to be photographed by someone shorter, or that the photographer shoot from a lower angle or else you will look shorter (than necessary) and also chubbier. No problem if you are super-skinny and an amazon woman, but for the rest of us out there, get the photographer to cooperate and make the best of the situation. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens f 1.8, ed in lightroom. Photos of me taken by Martin Benitez Clothes: Old knitted black …

Traveling to Paris, with

Have to tell you about something very exiting! Yes, hold on.. I am traveling to Paris in October! I bought the trip for me and my mother this autumn due to our 30 and 60th birthday this year. Paris have always been a dream travel destination of mine and I picture Paris, a little like Grythyttan but in bigger format with vintage editing in natural sense. Like a brown/grayish romantic filter with roses and nostalgia all over. Even if I know that I am going to find something else, this is how I picture it. Im so exited. First Way out West (A Swedish music festival), then Finland with #travelhouseporvoo and then Paris with mum! What a travel-year to come. And like this isn´t enough. We are traveling with, two Swedish authors that run a blog and travel with their readers. Camilla Thulin and Karina Ericsson-Wärn. Check in their blog and tag along if their is any available spots for you. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens f1,8. Photos is of …

The chili plants are growing- What will become of them?

After getting back from Peru Martin planted som chili seeds. Pic 1-2 Around day one. The chili plants grew kind of fast. Pic 3-10 When the plants growing I went to Gotland and celebrated midsummer but also attended a festival (Hayride). And when getting home, the plants had grown (pic 11-12). Martin has now replanted the plants and thrown out most of the plants, giving room for only one plant / pot. That was my short update about Martins chili plants. Now I am off to a barbecue in the hot Swedish summer weather. Katarina