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a day at the beach

After the wedding we stayed for a day on the beach where the wedding took place. I actually took a swim twice during the day which is new for the thirty something me. When I have gotten older my fondness of swimming isn´t what it used to be and mostly I grin when entering the cold water but I also stop somewhere when the water reach my knees.

It is something special with the Mediterranean and the blue water, it is almost magic. I think I am a bit in love with Greece. At the moment dreaming about my next trip to Greece which I am planning to be a backpacker trip through its waters and among the small and big islands, as Santorini. Santorini is somewhat of a dream.

Late afternoon we headed for a restaurant and had calamares and fries, some cheese, tzatziki and more. Heading back home over the mountains it felt a bit sad, knowing that it was our last day in Greece.


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