Äntligen vilse – en dagbok och svensk reseblogg på ständig vift

Mina skor knarrar så där härligt som bara läderskor gör när jag går allt längre in i skogen. Jag tittar upp och solen skiner vackert in mellan trädgrenarna. Jag känner doften av jord, barr och kyla, om man nu kan dofta kyla. Jag vet att bortom nästa trädgren väntar äventyret.

Äntligen vilse – en dagbok och svensk reseblogg

Välkommen till Äntligen vilse, en dagbok och svensk reseblogg skriven av Katarina Wohlfart. På Äntligen vilse skriver hon om livet, om resor och så om precis det hon känner för den dagen, som böcker och den lilla råttraketen Nisse.

Om du vill ha kontakt, maila mig på katarina_wohlfart@hotmail.com.


Bloggen skrevs ursprungligen under namnet Katarina Wohlfart – Travelwriter and photographer men från januari 2016 under namnet Äntligen vilse. Namnet har sitt ursprung i en halv boktitel, magkänslan och att det bara kändes så rätt!


  1. Hi Katarina,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked it.
    I have been taking a look at yours and have to say you really have some beautiful pictures. I think you will go far as a photojournalist when you get going. 😉

  2. Hi Katarina, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. I couldn’t resist mentioning your blog in my post 😀

    • Well Andrew! That is totally ok. 🙂 I rarely participate nowadays and nominate back since there are so many of this kind of competitions. But thanks anyway 🙂

      • Ahh, I’m with you on that. Awards can become pretty overwhelming and detract blogging time from the real blogging itself.

        • Exactly! I participated in challenges sometimes, only photo ones and find them entertaining sometimes, but I mostly go back to blogging about my life due to the fact that it is that that is interesting in the long run.

          • Yes, I think that blogging about our lives and seeing people’s feedback is definitely very interesting.

          • Yes. That is what the blogosphere is there for right? Well, nowadays it is a lot of paid post, like commercial or sponspred posts. They are rarely interesting..

          • Yes, There are a lot of paid Blog posts out there but I don’t see them that often. Most of the times I keep up only with the blogs I already know and enjoy.

          • I don’t get any offers which is great. I don’t think staying impartial and true to our blogging and followers is completely possible if one is paid to post, but maybe some bloggers were able to achieve that by having big following crowds readind and supporting their work (even if paid). I guess there is definite space for that (like reviewing blogs) but don’t see the benefits of paid posts on personal blogs.

          • Well, I would like to have a job as a blogger for companies or other stuff like photojobs, etc, but have a hard time thinking using my blog for commercial purpose all the time. Maybe for something you really love and like, but other stuff, not so much.

          • Definitely! With me it’s the same. Good thing that WordPress enables us to have as many blog sites as we wish. My struggle is that the day only has 24 hours ?

  3. Hi Katarina!! I have just found your blog and I couldn’t help but leave a comment 🙂 I figured since you like them I should say hi and how much I love your country 🙂 Im very interested and looking forward to reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Im Allane and as you I also want to travel as much as possible 😀 I guess we have a few things in common! I wish you a great week ahead and happy travels!

    • antligenvilse says

      Hej Anna! Det värmer så otroligt mycket! Jag ska trixa lite tid så ska jag omdirigera katarinawohlfart.com hit i helgen. Så pepp!

  4. Åh vilken underbar blogg du har och vilken känsla för språk och foto. Kul att du hittade in på min blogg! 🙂

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