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The view from the Taras Widokowy in Warsaw

I have a lot of photos from our time in Europe this summer. I saved some for later due to the simple fact that it was to many. When in Warsaw I shot a lot of photos from the Taras Widokowy in the old city, a terass overlooking the old city and more or less entire Warsaw. Now I am on the train back to Stockholm and wanted you to enjoy some photos of a magnificent view. To enjoy it real time, you just have to go to Warsaw Poland and the old town and then pay a little fee and walk a 150 stone steps, give or take.


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3, 40 mm Canon pancake lens, ed lightroom

warzaw_taras_widokowy-12 warzaw_taras_widokowy-2 warzaw_taras_widokowy-3 warzaw_taras_widokowy-4 warzaw_taras_widokowy-5 warzaw_taras_widokowy-6 warzaw_taras_widokowy-7 warzaw_taras_widokowy-8 warzaw_taras_widokowy-9 warzaw_taras_widokowy-10 warzaw_taras_widokowy-11


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