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en gaffel kort

In Österlen, to be specific, in Simrishamn, there is a place called en gaffel kort. If to google translate the name ”en gaffel kort” into English it it turns in to ”a fork cards”, which basically proves how bad google translate works for translating Swedish in to English and also explain my choice of writing in English in the first place. Translating it, using the the Swedish word kort which is short in this case, it becomes understandable ”a fork short” and even better when tossing the words around to ”the short fork”. By now I think everyone understands the name, and we will leave it at that.

en gaffel kort


When in Österlen and Gärsnäs, Simrishamn, the guys decided to book us a table at their own restaurant (where they work), en gaffel kort. The place, situated close to the water in Simrishamn is a small restaurant with the best food we had on our entire trip. I´m not sure if Martin agrees, maybe he votes for Pauly Saal (which have a star in the Michelin guide), or polish food, but in the end, my tummy tells me that Swedish food wins.
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the food

I had salmon, a vegetarian dish and chocolate tartelette. Yummie! A plus was the purple color of the salmon and the green plate, the almonds in the vegetarian dish and the fantastic chocolate tartelette. I do not have any minuses to give. Well, maybe the fact that I was dining with people working in the restaurant business, who tend to overanalyse everything. Things that for the normal consumer (in this case me and Mathias) doesn´t matter. The level being: ” The icecream is a bit cold”- me ”Oh – really?”.

I didn´t shoot any food photos though and if interested in food photos, please en gaffel kort

The dishes I had, copied from the english menu here – Summer menu en gaffel kort.

  • Black-currant brined salmon, curd cheese with sorrel and cucumbers and rye bread crumbles fried in beer
  • Deep fried balls of fasolia beans with coriander, Chinese cabbage pickled in tomato, roasted almond and sesame vinaigrette
  • Tartelette of Valrhona chocolate with gelato, cream of caramel and fresh berries

The price at the restaurant is normal Swedish prices. The decor is carefully taken care off and the staff fills the restaurant with flowers.

Prices (summer menu):

Starters 127 – 138 sek, main 165 – 297 sek, dessert 62 – 105 sek.

en_gaffel_kort_simrishamn-6 en_gaffel_kort_simrishamn-7 en_gaffel_kort_simrishamn-8 en_gaffel_kort_simrishamn-9 en_gaffel_kort_simrishamn-10 en_gaffel_kort_simrishamn-11

Spending around six hours in one restaurant is a good grade. Must be more worth than being in the white guide, huh? Well, maybe not. If interested in white guide recommendations you will find en gaffel kort in the White guide – White guide en gaffel kort.

I´ll give my warmest recommendations to en gaffel kort and a greeting to the staff and my friends at the restaurant who works there, Elina, Jonas, Daniel, Joakim and Fredrik. Lets go back next year!


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