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People staring at a Mermaid

There is always more or less famous tourist attractions in a city but every city has one that stands out. As Big Ben in London, the statue of liberty in New York, the Akropolis in Athens Warsaw has the mermaid statue in the old town.

In common with other tourist attractions around the world i´m not sure that all tourists that look at the statue know why it is famous rather than just spotting that everyone is standing by this statue looking at it. At least I didn´t know, but I did notice the people.

Googling the mermaid internet and various of tourist sources tells me that the mermaid has more than one legend and is suppose to be originating in the years around 1390 and before. It is thought to be medieval fashion and the legend goes that the mermaid was swimming in the river when stopping to rest, likting the city she decides to stay and then get noticed by local fishermen. The fishermen wants to trap her at first but then falls in love with the mermaid when hearing her sing. A rich mermant trapps the mermaid that cries for help and the fishermen come to rescue the mermaid which since then armed with a sword and shield, now protects the city ever since.

Quite a story huh?


Photos shot of people looking at the mermaid, shot with Canon EOS M3, 40mm STM pancake lens.

warzaw_mermaid-2 warzaw_mermaid-3 warzaw_mermaid-4 warzaw_mermaid-5 warzaw_mermaid-6 warzaw_mermaid warzaw_mermaid-7 warzaw_mermaid-8 warzaw_mermaid-9 warzaw_mermaid-10 warzaw_mermaid-11 warzaw_mermaid-12 warzaw_mermaid-13 warzaw_mermaid-14 warzaw_mermaid-15 warzaw_mermaid-16 warzaw_mermaid-17 warzaw_mermaid-18 warzaw_mermaid-19 warzaw_mermaid-20 warzaw_mermaid-21 warzaw_mermaid-22 warzaw_mermaid-23 warzaw_mermaid-24 warzaw_mermaid-25 warzaw_mermaid-26 warzaw_mermaid-27


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