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Forth and back to my new job.

My week has been intense and filled with work. I am back in Grythyttan now, and so I was last week as well. That weekend I walked a lot and this weekend it only rains.


On Saturday and Sunday I passed this horse. On Saturday I was interesting, on Sunday I was not.

grythyttan-3grythyttan grythyttan-4

On Tuesday I was almost alone at the train from Stockholm to Märsta and decided to take a selfie.grythyttan-5


When I got back Tommy and I (a bit camera-shy) had some creme brulee and saw the movie Child 44 with Naomi Rappace and Joel Kinnaman among others. Recommended!grythyttan-7 grythyttan-8

On Wednesday on my way to work I shot some photos of Farsta subway station. The subway is from 1960. Since 1982 it holds art from Gunnar Larson, Förvandlingar i luftrummet.

grythyttan-9 grythyttan-10

And my office..
grythyttan-11 grythyttan-12

Thursday I headed for Solna and passed the Subway station in Solna centre. It holds different art from the 70s showing some problems that Sweden was struggling with at the time.grythyttan-13 grythyttan-14

Walking towards Svarta Katten to rent some medieval garments.grythyttan-15 grythyttan-16

After finding some outfits in Svarta Katten for me and my mother to wear at the medieval festival/week on Gotland next weekend I headed for Solna station and the train towards Märsta. Due to smoke in the tunnels close to Södra station the train didn´t come. I got several wrong recommendations of taking the train to Kista and the bus from there but in the end no bus left and gladely I just got to the Solna subway when the trains started to run north again and I could return to the Solna station and hop on.grythyttan-17 grythyttan-18

Getting  back to Grythyttan on Friday Martin and me and me and Oscar took some selfies/groupies.grythyttan-19 grythyttan-20 grythyttan-21

Today we went for a walk and passed through Grythyttan square where a market was held. We didn´t buy anything we were only there to see Grythyttans biggest horse, that sadly already had left when we arrived 🙁


grythyttan-22 grythyttan-23


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