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Update- the blogs I read – Resfredag

I follow a lot of other bloggers. I have written posts about it before like ”Borgå- Porvoo – with the bloggers in the Archipelago- a presentation” and ”the blogs I read”. I said that I would add more blogs to the list of the blogs I read and here is another one that just updated her design.

The blog is called Resfredag and is written by Annika Myhre who also where one of the organisers of yesterdays Travel Massive.

Annika takes wonderful photos and write about travel in Swedish. She has recently written about hiking through the Narrows and have been to Machu Picchu with her mother. She says that Machu Picchu is one of her fondest memories and top one of her top five list. I definitively loved my visit at Machu Picchu.

Check out her blog and read her travelstories and get inspiration.



Skärmavbild 2015-01-23 kl. 22.06.10


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