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My first phototrip- heading to Iceland.

My travelplans for this year is grand. I am aiming for spending all vacation time on travels, also all my money (laugh). Yeah, traveling is expensive, and sorry to say, still very environmental unfriendly.

Yesterday night I booked a trip to Iceland in August with Emelie Ohlson, a photographer from Sweden who arranges workshops- specialised in weddingphotography.

The trip is booked for 12-16 augusti and I got one of four golden spots.

It is a four day long program of shooting photographs in the beautiful landscape os Iceland. I am so exited.

Check out the blog of Emelie Ohlson to see picture from her last year workshop there. In the post Årsresumé 2014 she shows her photo of the year and it is from Iceland.

On of my favorite photos must be this one of Ekstakusten on Gotland. If anyone want a bridal photo from here, riding a vintage car with wind in their hair and wedding dress I am so all yours.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.


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