Month: januari 2015

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Canon EF- my review

During the fall I have updated my lens collection with one heavy new friend. The Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art lens. Since most of my readers are hobby photographers or just bloggers I find that there is an interest in the equipment I use and when I buy new stuff I always check out bloggers and their review of stuff, since the reviews given by non professionals feel more trustworthy to me than the reviews made by magazines, since they are live on payment through commercial. This is a non sponsered review that is only here for my readers who appreciate my opinion and are not an expert review of any kind. But, having that said. What is the Sigma 50mm Art lens then? When first announced to be released, the art series 50mm hit the roof in photo circles with articles like ”The new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens should be crazy good”. I bought my Sigma Art lens in Paris during my vacation there in October. Somewhat not that smart maybe if …

New Years Eve.

This years New Years I spend in cosy clothes and with Martin, my mother and father. We did the rutine, which basically means food, champagne and fireworks in Sweden. Used my flash for once and are kind of satisfied with the results on the food photography. Took a selfie in the mirror and I like the result on the dust. Check it out in the below picture. Last post was my new year resultion. This is the last post of the former year so now I am looking forward to the new year. Tomorrow is back to work. Today I clean, have lots of coffee and cinnamon buns and eventually will play videogames (Assasins Creed), when my boyfriend let go of the playstation. Katarina The photographer The food   The table The drinks The fireworks The family The end. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii Canon 24-105 mm lens Canon Speedlite 320 EX  

My new year resolutions- develop photoskills and traveling

1. Shoot more photos. As my phototeacher said. Don´t overthink. Just point and shoot. 2. Travel. I will engage in travel as much as possible during 2015. Will write more about my plans later but at the moment aiming for a weekend in Berlin, Backpacking by train through Europe and Medeltidsveckan on Gotland. That is to say, the first six months of the upcoming year. I will of course try the most sustainable way that I encounter and will travel my own backyard as much as possible. 3. Try to find peace even if life is stressful at times. I think that I have reached that age where you realise that you neither will be thinner or will be free from a stressful environment. With the risk of sounding like a women magazine- learn to control the stress and let goof the non important stuff. 4. Develop photo and writing skills. Have learned so much this year. Now I am looking forward to a year with more photography and writing. It is necessary to take a leap of …

Gullringen- my hometown

Just got back home to Grythyttan. Feels wonderful to unpack and live ”normal again”. Two weeks of meeting friends and eating to much Christmas food is over. I will miss the sooner, that and the morning walks with Martin or my mother. Tomorrow a new life awaits, I life of starvation and long walks. Katarina Some photos of Gullringen, shot by me and the photos of me by my mother. In the photos you see Gullringshus, an old office building from the old local house factory that no longer is in use, the railway stations, my grandmothers old house as well as Stigs konditori, the local cafe. Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 24-105 mm lens, ed Lightroom (for the photo interested, you can see that I have played around some with temperature and balance, shift in colors etc. Though the grey weather is not me, it is Sweden).

It´s raining, men!

Well, great start on the new year. It is raining here in the small village Gullringen where I grew up. Have spend a week here, had Christmas food and rested. Are still in my pajamas (13.20, or 1.20 pm). Somewhat afraid of my future health due to me slacking to much. I´m working on my New Year´s resolutions and the only thing I have come up with so far is 1. Travel more. Do you have any New Year´s resolutions? When the holidays are coming up you always think that you are going to get so much done, but when the holiday is here you realise that you´re not going to get anything done and even less done than if you had been working. Well, at least I have worked on my photography skills, the only thing that actually matters, don´t you think? From the day before yesterday and yesterdays strolling around Gullringen. Now the time is 16.36 and me and my mother took another stroll around the village. Katarina PS: Todays traveltip is Discover your own backyard. …