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Out shopping.

Those days when you know that you need to do other stuff you tend to just go and do nothing. Our day doing nothing was filled with doing something, named shopping in Örebro. Martin needed to return a couple of jeans that didn´t live up to what was promised of them and we checked out IKEA for some frames. In the end we didn´t return with any frames but coffee- glases and scented candles.

Now back home Martin is playing Grand Theft Auto and me are blogging, soon to edit some more photos from the shoot earlier this week.

Have a great weekend!

HH7A9224 HH7A9232 HH7A9237 HH7A9243 HH7A9246 HH7A9250 HH7A9255


Canon 5D Mark iii

40mm Canon lens f.2.8

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