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When Assassin´s Creed takes over your life and fills it with pizza.

Bought a new lens. A 40mm Canon pancake lens thingy. It is small and it is fantastic. You will probably see it in more posts since it is now the primary lens for my blog photos (I like to believe). I weighs less than 200g that why. It is tiny and cute. For a pre-check of the tiny amazing thing see this photo.

Anyway. I have only used it for everyday photos and I assure you. I have shot basically everything with it and it works. I am sure that the Sigma lens is 10.000 better, but this little fellow weighs 1/5 of the Sigma lens weight. My back cried of happiness.

Anyway. I have now been back to work for a week and handed in my photoproject (first part) Sunday. Yesterday I handed in my photos for the photo competitions in the area and today I am looking through the projects of the other students.

puh. Tired. going to tack a early evening nap or maybe play some playstation 4. Please don´t give a guilty conscience. :/


Canon 5D Mark iii

Canon 40mm f2.8 pancake lens


HH7A7670 HH7A7663 HH7A7766 HH7A7779 HH7A7780 HH7A7764 HH7A7759 HH7A7770 HH7A7755 HH7A7748 HH7A7741 HH7A7734 HH7A7684 HH7A7688 HH7A7698 HH7A7692 HH7A7715 HH7A7706 HH7A7697 HH7A7732 HH7A7731 HH7A7718 HH7A7712 HH7A7792 HH7A7793 HH7A7795 HH7A7799


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