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Grythyttan graduation

And the day when Martins is graduating finally arrived. The time here in Grythyttan has passed somewhat to quick when thinking back. Feels like it was only yesterday Martin and me were driving from Vimmerby to Hällefors the first time to pick up our keys to the apartment we have been living in here in Grythyttan. And now, the last day for the third year students have arrived.

The day started with two hours in Grythyttan church where scholarships where presented as well as speeches from teachers and students. Carl – Jan Granqvist attended and spoke about the importance of Grythyttan and what it means to be a student from Grythyttan, in the culinary world.There were many laughs and a lot of joy during the ceremony as well as after. Our friend Daniel Malm received Gjutjärnspriset in his folklore suit for his reflections about the craftsmanship of cooking and what it means to be a student here- now and in the future.

The people attending was wearing their finest garments and the students wear dress suits or folklore suits for this big event. Leaving church we headed for lunch at Måltidens Hus were a three course meal was served to around 500 people, students and their loved ones. I loved the desert best, but well, that is just my, isn´t it?

We just got back home and are resting for a while before going for a barbecue in our own backyard where I am planning to drink the champagne I´ve gotten for my 30th birthday last year  and then, who knows.



This post is a cavalcade of photos from the graduation cermony in Grythyttan and was partly ment for the students who attended so they can scroll all photos from their big event. It is okay for the students who attended to borrow pictures from this post, download and share.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm Art lens and 24-105 mm Canon lens


grythyttan_examen-25 grythyttan_examen-26 grythyttan_examen-27 grythyttan_examen-28 grythyttan_examen-29 grythyttan_examen-30 grythyttan_examen-31 grythyttan_examen-32 grythyttan_examen-33 grythyttan_examen-34 grythyttan_examen-35 grythyttan_examen-36 grythyttan_examen-37 grythyttan_examen-38 grythyttan_examen-39 grythyttan_examen-40 grythyttan_examen-41 grythyttan_examen-42 grythyttan_examen-43 grythyttan_examen-44 grythyttan_examen-45 grythyttan_examen-46 grythyttan_examen-47 grythyttan_examen-48 grythyttan_examen-49 grythyttan_examen-50 grythyttan_examen-51 grythyttan_examen-52 grythyttan_examen-53 grythyttan_examen-54 grythyttan_examen-55 grythyttan_examen-56 grythyttan_examen-57 grythyttan_examen-58 grythyttan_examen-59 grythyttan_examen-60 grythyttan_examen-61 grythyttan_examen-62 grythyttan_examen-63 grythyttan_examen-64 grythyttan_examen-65 grythyttan_examen-66 grythyttan_examen-67 grythyttan_examen-68 grythyttan_examen-69 grythyttan_examen-70 grythyttan_examen-71 grythyttan_examen-72 grythyttan_examen-73 grythyttan_examen-74 grythyttan_examen-75 grythyttan_examen-76 grythyttan_examen-77 grythyttan_examen-78 grythyttan_examen-79 grythyttan_examen-80 grythyttan_examen-81 grythyttan_examen-82 grythyttan_examen-83 grythyttan_examen-84 grythyttan_examen-85 grythyttan_examen-86 grythyttan_examen-87 grythyttan_examen-88 grythyttan_examen-89 grythyttan_examen-90 grythyttan_examen-91 grythyttan_examen-92 grythyttan_examen-93 grythyttan_examen-94 grythyttan_examen-95 grythyttan_examen-96 grythyttan_examen-97 grythyttan_examen-98 grythyttan_examen-99 grythyttan_examen-100 grythyttan_examen-101 grythyttan_examen-102 grythyttan_examen-103 grythyttan_examen-104 grythyttan_examen-105 grythyttan_examen-106 grythyttan_examen-107 grythyttan_examen-108 grythyttan_examen-109 grythyttan_examen-110 grythyttan_examen-111 grythyttan_examen-112 grythyttan_examen-113 grythyttan_examen-114 grythyttan_examen-115 grythyttan_examen-116 grythyttan_examen-117 grythyttan_examen-118 grythyttan_examen-119 grythyttan_examen-120 grythyttan_examen-121 grythyttan_examen-122 grythyttan_examen-123 grythyttan_examen-124 grythyttan_examen-125 grythyttan_examen-126 grythyttan_examen-127 grythyttan_examen-128 grythyttan_examen-129 grythyttan_examen-130 grythyttan_examen-131 grythyttan_examen-132 grythyttan_examen-133 grythyttan_examen-134 grythyttan_examen-135 grythyttan_examen-136


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