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Bathing in sun

The weather acts strange in Sweden at the moment. This week has been all about work so far and started with sun. I shot these photos on Monday. Today it started snowing massively again. It has been snowing on and off for some days, just a little and some more today. The first reaction when looking out when it is snowing in late March is, ”What now?!”.

This weekend I am aiming for some more relaxing and planning for me and my mothers weekend to Berlin. So happy planning trips, I long for the moment when I get to plan trips.

So enjoy the photos of a sunny Grythyttan. Hope for some more sun this weekend.



grythyttan_vårgrythyttan_vår-2 grythyttan_vår-3 grythyttan_vår-4 grythyttan_vår-5 grythyttan_vår-6


  1. I LOVE lens flare !
    I LOVE the tunnel of trees !
    Yes, sunny Grythyttan is well worth looking at . 🙂

  2. You are very fortunate katrina to be in such a beautiful place you have photographed.just awsome dear.

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