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With wind, sheep and crema catalana as my only company

Monday me and Martin went for Elias birthday in the evening. Beforehand I headed for a walk, talking an hour off my work time and leaving early. This hour is a weekly benefit from my work called Friskvårdstimme that all that are employed at arbetsförmedlingen in Sweden can use. Probably other employers have it as well. Anyway.

Getting home I off course tried out shooting a selfie of myself, smug as ever.


Then I headed for the forest, taking the road towards Bredvid/ Smalviken.

elias birthday grythyttan-2

Turned left at the mailboxes as always..

elias birthday grythyttan-3

Said hello to my sheep.

elias birthday grythyttan-4

Tried shooting anemones in backlight.

elias birthday grythyttan-5 elias birthday grythyttan-6

Practising getting the focus right.

elias birthday grythyttan

Met Jocke for a double – selfie, maybe a groupie, according to him.

elias birthday grythyttan-7

Had another cup of Crema Catalana. Yummie.

elias birthday grythyttan-8


Well, that is what happens when you try to exercise on Monday, you end up having desert instead. Have a nice Wednesday evening guys. I am ”single” at the moment when Martin is in Gothenburg, trying out restaurant and asking them questions, bachelor exam work something..


Photos shot with Canon Eos M3


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