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Time for ”fredagsmys”

Just got back from worked and poured me a cup of delicious potato-chips. not sure if pour is the correct term when it´s not a liquid, but anyway. Now it is done and it is time for bones while Martin is cooking Paella.

Trying out my camera this week and here are some photos from the other day when Martin and me where walking to Jockes place. Tried to catch the sun without overexposung to much, sometimes I succeeded, and sometimes I didn´t.



promenad grythyttanpromenad grythyttan-2 promenad grythyttan-3 promenad grythyttan-4 promenad grythyttan-5 promenad grythyttan-6 promenad grythyttan-7 promenad grythyttan-8 promenad grythyttan-9promenad grythyttan-10


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