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Medieval week – jesters and jousting/ gycklare och tornerspel

So our third day on Gotland and second day on medieval week has passed. We had breakfast, went to the beach and got some tan, had lunch at Klosterlängan and watched both jesters and jousting.

We started with a good breakfast at hotel Slottsbacken where we stay.


Headed for the beach and got some sun.


After a couple of hours on the beach we headed for Klosterlängan and lunch. Mum had sheep and I had a vegetarian stew made of wheat, carrots and sourdoughbread. We both drank Klosteröl/ beer with the name Klosteröl.

medeltidsveckan_gotland-41 medeltidsveckan_gotland-42


After lunch we walked to the medieval market where we saw jesters do a short show of juggling and more. Half the fun is looking at people in their cool outfits.

medeltidsveckan_gotland-43 medeltidsveckan_gotland-44 medeltidsveckan_gotland-45 medeltidsveckan_gotland-46 medeltidsveckan_gotland-47 medeltidsveckan_gotland-48 medeltidsveckan_gotland-49


The best part of the day was the evening that we spend watching knights and jousting. That was something extra and an event full of different events, jesters and fire. Totally recommendable for everyone, history interested or not.


medeltidsveckan_gotland-50 medeltidsveckan_gotland-51 medeltidsveckan_gotland-52 medeltidsveckan_gotland-53 medeltidsveckan_gotland-54


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