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SJ Prio and SOMMAR50

You know that I love trains right? It is my first choice of travel if I get the choice. Some times I don´t and most times I rule it out due to the time and price. Then I have some great news for everybody who are traveling in Sweden this summer until the 23rd of August at least.

You can travel half price in first class if registering as a SJ prio member and typing the code SOMMAR50 when ordering your tickets online. Just remember to book them 48 hours in advance, the SJ email I got said.

So happy traveling first class now, sitting on the train between Stockholm and Linköping now and first class is so much better. They even have afterwork today Friday. hihi. So funny.

Here are some of my favorite train moments on instagram which includes SJ more than once.

Trainstation close to Cusco, going to Machu Picchu –

On the way to Machu Picchu with Andean Explorer

Traintracks in Stockholm –

Going to Stockholm and then to Porvoo in September 2014

Me and Martin in front of SJ

The trainstation in Izmir in June 2015 –

Night train from Munich to Venice in June 2015 –

On the way to Copenhagen, Martin sleeping and charging his phone in June 2015 –

The traintracks in Nora and its old railway


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