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Taking care of your camera before and during a trip

I am not the best ”taking care of your equipment lady” and God knows I rather trow a way clothes than fix them if broken. But when it comes to the camera I think it is better to be safe than sorry, being organised and always bringing a cloth is important. I am now on my way to Island with a bunch of photographers accompanied by Emelie Ohlsson photographer/teacher. Here are some quick tips and everything you need to keep your camera clean before and during a trip:

  • If you don´t have any, buy a good cleaning cloth. The ones used for glasses are the ultimate ones. Be careful and check so that you haven´t gotten any grains in your cloth before cleaning.
  • Do not under any circumstances use chemicals in or on your camera if your not sure what you are doing. On the outside you can use chemicals in some cases, but I normally just use paper and a very small amount of cleaning alcohol that are used for hands, for example to clean the display on the backside of the camera.
  • Avoid cleaning inside camera if not specifically necessary. Use the normal function of sensor cleaning that is built in. If you need to clean inside, take it to a photostore/someone that can help you.
  • Bring a couple of plastic bags (the ones you use for food storage) and a rubber band, if it starts to rain. Cameras hate rain and will break. You can just put it over your camera, secure it with the sun protection/lens hood to your camera.

It is as simple as this, all you need is patience and a clean dry cloth for glasses.

Now I am off to Arlanda! 🙂



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