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ice ice baby

The forth day on our phototrip/workshop we woke up in Vik. A bit tired we started the day with product photography/ preparation photography, shooting the bride and groom when dressing. Must say that this is some of my favorite parts of the whole wedding shooting business. Except, taking photos of the ring that is. It is so small I barely see it. But, when doing this at the workshop I got some great tips from the phototeacher, apparently you can buy a macro filter and put on your ordinary lens. I didn´t know before, how smart! And better is, it worked!

After lunch we headed for Jörkulsárlón, a glacier sea some hours from Vik.

In a way the best and the worst photos was shot here. This light was the most difficult for me but the end result somewhat of the best. I loved the floating ice passing the bride and groom when shooting.I loved the atmosphere and the turquoise blue color of the ice. I loved the ice.

Hope you enjoy some of the photos. I am pre-editing and testing the different possibilities for editing wedding photos in the future, my style. I love them dark (er) and with faded colours.


Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm Art lens and Canon 24-105 mm lens.


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