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Restaurants, cafées and food in Visby

I have been to Gotland two times now, once traveling around the island by car and this time during the medieval week. I think it is time for a list of some food I have eaten and my favorites so far are the vegetarian burger at Brooklyn Visby and the crepés at Crêperi & Logi in Visby, but the food during the medieval week is something extra as well.

Most typical food to try out is Lamb (for the meat eater), Gotlandsdricka (a drink special for Gotland made from enbär/ juniper) and saffron pancake with salmbärs jam. Don´t worry if you are a vegetarian, all of Sweden have varied food and it is almost never ever any problem to get a veg dish instead of meat wherever you go.


Crêperi & Logi

The last restaurant we had dinner at before leaving medieval week -15. They have what the name says, crepes. yey! Who doesn´t love crepes?

Creperi & Logi have both food and desert crepes, ciders, wine and more. Mum and I had ”Madame” the most expensive crepes for around 250 sek. With Madame you get both shrimps, crayfish, roe, sour creme and all Västerbotten cheese you need for a lifetime. Yummie!

Address: Wallérs Plats, 621 56 Visby

Phone:+46 498-28 46 22

Mum eating Madame at Creperie & Logi


Brooklyn Visby

Situated close to the main square Brooklyn is easily accessible for every tourist visiting Visby. On the opposite side of Karins ruin and to the right next to Ica, you find the restaurant. With American south inspired furniture and drinks as Bloody Jalapenó, Brooklyn Kimchi and fries that comes out in mini frying baskets, you can´t go wrong. They off course have their own lamb burger as well.

Prices – around 115 sek – 195 for Burgers and other mains. Very price- worthy for Visby and any summercity in Sweden.

Adress: Södra Kyrkogatan 13, 621 56 Visby
Phone: +46 498-21 01 71

My veg burger at Brooklyn



Last year mum and I ate at several places, once was at Munkkällan and I think also this food is worth mentioning. In this place you can have more traditional Swedish restaurant food as a toast skagen and maybe a bearnaise sause. But whats wrong with that. I had the fish stew (fisk och skaldjurs gryta) and was very satisfied with this dish, I remember. I might even have had it twice.

The restaurant has a vault from 1150´s and a nightclub where you can hang if bored just doing touristy stuff.

Prices: 149 sek for the fish stew. Normal ranged prices overall.
Adress: Stora Torget 1, 621 56 Visby

Phone: +46498-27 14 00


Skafferiet i Visby

Skafferiet have been one of our favourite places during both trips and here they have the most important thing when on Gotland, Saffron pancake, Salmbärs jam with cream. You can sit in their cute little garden located on the main shopping streets close to both Indiska and other life necessary decoration shops.

Prices: Normal café prices

Adress: Adelsgatan 38, 621 57 Visby

Phone: +46 930-1800

St Hans Café

The most enviable decoration ever. Happily situated close to St Hans ruin in Visby you can have a nice sallad or creamy biskvi/ makaroon. The biskvi might be the best you have ever eaten, filled with chocolate mouse, creamy and chewy it is a dream for every cake lover.

Adress: S:T Hansplan 2, 621 56 Visby
Phone: +46 498-21 07 72

St Hans café from the inside


Food during medieval week


Mum had meat in bread but the best food (after talking to locals and medieval week visitors) aught to be the ”burning chicken” with is eaten only with your hands. During medieval week the have their own brewed beer called Kapitelöl. If you are there, try it. This year it had a bit to much foam on top but very good taste.

Open every day during summer but on special days during the off season period. Is not only a restaurant but also have a medieval basement, a garden where medieval markets etc is held and a little place for ceramics and more.

One of my favourite spots during medieval week!

Adress: S:t Drottensgatan 8, 621 56 Visby
Phone: +46 498-24 76 37

Photos shot during medievalweek. 

medeltidsveckan_gotland-27 medeltidsveckan_gotland-28

Bistra Haren

Bistra Haren is barbecuing lamb in the garden and serves this with a big sallad during medieval week. We only had beer here, made only for the medieval week, but the food looked delicious and the garden has a lovely atmosphere. The beer is served in lovely stein and on the table a flower pot of lavender was placed.

Adress: Smedjegatan 17, Visby

Phone: +46 498 -247955



I haven´t spend so much time here. Klosterlängan is close to St Karins (behind it) ruin and the  main square. During medieval week mum hade fårfiol (leg of mutton) and I had a veg dish a ´la medieval style. I was very satisfied with the food and remember thinking, to bad that we didn´t go here earlier.

Adress: S:t Katarinagatan, Visby


Medieval market/ medeltidsmarknaden

Flatbread, wild-pig, fish burgers, do I need to continue? Food for everybody in all sizes ans shapes. I loved the flatbread and had it twice. Yummie!

Adress: By the wall close to the Botanic Garden of Visby.



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