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Behind the scenes at a wedding photo workshop on Iceland- part one

Some weeks ago I headed to Iceland to participate in a wedding workshop with Emelie Ohlson. The workshop was taking place for five days between the 12tth and 16th of August 2015.

This behind the scenes post consist of two parts and the second part hold a collection on hands on tips on whats important when traveling abroad on a photo trip.

Heading from the airport in Keflavik to Hotel Keflavik


Day 1


Our first day we all met up at Hotel Keflavik. We were ten persons traveling together, Emelie and Ulrica the photo-teacher and her assistant, Linda & Jasmin, Malin & Annelie, Sandra & Lena and me & Lisa. After meet and greet with dinner we where off to bed and I took an evening walk and shot my first Iceland photos along the shoreline of Keflavik.

Me, Jasmin and Lisa on the way from the airport


Lisa, my roomie is trying out her fisheye. We are not still sure what the black box surrounding it is due to. (Got the answer from Malin and this box appear when you use a crop lens on a full frame camera).


From the left – Lena, Emelie, Malin, Linda and to the right Ulrica. Our first evening, having dinner at the hotel

island-4 island-6island-7

Day 2

Heading for the Blue Lagoon

Waking up day two we started with some information about the wedding photo business. Throughout the workshop we spoke about difficulties and possibilities with having your own business.

Having an early morning walk and trying out each others cameras during the workshop


Malin, at the thai lunchrestaurant in Keflavik


Our first couple were Jorunn and Böddir and we were suppose to shoot in the area outside the Blue Lagoon to start with but due to weather circumstances it wasn´t possible to shoot there, or barely at all due to the openness of the lava landscape. It was 8 degrees, wind and rain and we photographers who wore rain-clothes barely survived. So, keepin their head cool, Emelie and Ulrica took us to Thingvellir National park and the waterfall Öxarárfoss where the mountain gave some shield to the wind and rain and the ravine close by shielded the wind entirely.


  • Rainclothes, goretex shoes or boots, gloves, plastic bag for your camera (a freezing bag for food).
  • Good planing including extra spots if something goes wrong

Ulrica, driving towards the blue lagoon


Outside the blue lagoon




island-26 island-27

island-30 island-31 island-32

island-35 island-36


Thingvellir National Park and Öxarárfoss

In Thingvellir the shooting went much better and even though the rain continued we managed to get amazing shots here. For example check out Annelie´s photo of Jorunn.

What I learnt from all this rain is that it is necessary to have plenty of patience to succeed. After Iceland I have faith that I will manage to shoot magnificent photos even if the rain is extreme.

In Thingvellir we started with shooting both bride and groom by a waterfall and then continued with some more shots from a ravine where the bride and groom walked and danced as well as some still poses.

When they got tired and cold we headed towards the hotel. Emelie had booked a very good Iceland Air hotel somewhere out and about in the district of Hella (if tho believe my iPhone GPS). In the hotel we all had a quick dinner and I hoped in the hot tub outside before going to bed after a hard days of photo workshop.


all photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and edited in lightroom. Used lenses: Sigma 50mm Art, Canon 24-105 mm and Samyang Fisheye. The Sigma lens is used in most cases even for the landscape shots

island-50 island-51

Photos of me is shot by the very talented Annelie Johnsson and edited by me.

Linda, happy even though the weather was tricky







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