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A camerabag on the beach.

Yes I know, there has been a lot of camerabag post lately. This is because I bought three new camerabags at the same time. Now the last one have arrived and here it is.

This is my absolute favorite. A very stable model that stands for itself even though there is nothing in it. Today it got to accompany me to the beach for a beach shoot.

I bough it on, a chinese low price website that has about everything. It has all the expensive original camera models as lowepro and national geographic series (to a lower price, at least for Swedes) as well as these vintage, no brand, models that is more of an accessory bag than a traditional camerabag.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, lightroom. Photos taken by the lake Torrvarpen, Grythyttan.

HH7A7235 HH7A7241 HH7A7245 HH7A7251 HH7A7252


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