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Traveling to Paris, with

Have to tell you about something very exiting!

Yes, hold on..

I am traveling to Paris in October! I bought the trip for me and my mother this autumn due to our 30 and 60th birthday this year.

Paris have always been a dream travel destination of mine and I picture Paris, a little like Grythyttan but in bigger format with vintage editing in natural sense. Like a brown/grayish romantic filter with roses and nostalgia all over. Even if I know that I am going to find something else, this is how I picture it.

Im so exited. First Way out West (A Swedish music festival), then Finland with #travelhouseporvoo and then Paris with mum! What a travel-year to come.

And like this isn´t enough. We are traveling with, two Swedish authors that run a blog and travel with their readers. Camilla Thulin and Karina Ericsson-Wärn. Check in their blog and tag along if their is any available spots for you.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens f1,8. Photos is of flowers and roses in Grythyttan.



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