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The chili plants are growing- What will become of them?

After getting back from Peru Martin planted som chili seeds.

Pic 1-2 Around day one. The chili plants grew kind of fast.

Pic 3-10 When the plants growing I went to Gotland and celebrated midsummer but also attended a festival (Hayride). And when getting home, the plants had grown (pic 11-12).

Martin has now replanted the plants and thrown out most of the plants, giving room for only one plant / pot.

That was my short update about Martins chili plants. Now I am off to a barbecue in the hot Swedish summer weather.


HH7A3854 HH7A3899 HH7A4256 HH7A4593 HH7A5329 HH7A5451 HH7A5966 HH7A5968 HH7A6096 HH7A6215HH7A6612-2 HH7A6614


  1. We’re thinking about planting recoto pepper seeds when we get back home next year. We loved eating the spicy stuffed peppers from Arequipa.

    • yes it is. actually they grow really quick. Haven´t documentet their way do, just in a spontaneous matter. But is nice to see them.

  2. They are BEAUTIFUL, Katarina !! They might grown quite big, and if they show signs of that you will repot them, won’t you …? or Martin ?

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