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A moment of peace- Bergslagen, Grythyttan and Bredsjö blå.

My friend Caroline and her mate Marcus is here during the weekend. We are enjoying the fabulous Swedish summer weather and Bergslagen from it´s best side.

In a way, at the moment, I´m traveling the backyard of where I live. Sometimes this is the best.

Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens as well as 50mm lens from Canon, edited in Lightroom.


When Marcus and Caroline arrived we prepared some hard bread with Bredsjö blå and hjortronsylt (cloudberry jam). We enjoyed it with a bottle of wine and some more..

HH7A7268 HH7A7284

Martin prepared a secret jar that will be ready in a week.


Me and Caroline posed for a full shot photo. Her wearing a desigual and me in my kaftan from Röda korset and my Moheda wooden shoes.


Martin guided us through Måltidens house in Grythyttan.


Where he showed us a kitchen that comes up from the floor (and got stuck on the way down, creating a bit of stress .. ).

HH7A7332 HH7A7344 HH7A7351

He continued with Grythyttans Gästgiveri and their Magnificent wine cellar.


And Stallet (the Stable), a part of the Gästgiveri where we had dinner and some cider. In Stallet they had a crazy cat that loved people and came up through a whole in the ground in the house.

HH7A7362 HH7A7375 HH7A7388 HH7A7390 HH7A7397

Later in the evening I showed Caroline and Marcus the secret board where I get all the gossip and information about Grythyttans future happenings.

HH7A7401 HH7A7418

Last stop being Cornelis where I had a fruit beer from Belgium. We then wandered home exhausted from a day with many adventures in Grythyttan.



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