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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire or Season of Summer

The summer has arrived in Sweden big time. It was 33 degrees when I left work yesterday. For you who know Sweden, this is hot. It is so hot that I just fell down in the couch getting back from work and didn´t have any energy to get up let alone blog.

To give you something to laugh a little about, the Swedish Metrological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) have raised a class 1 warning in Sweden for high temperatures. It states ”that all over the country the temperature is expected to be 26 degrees or more” and it will continue, to Saturday. It is only in Sweden..

Here is some summer photos from Sunday when me and the boyf. where hanging out on the beach. Same beach I took the photos of my camerabag as well.

This is my entry for fire/summer post at Cee´s. Cee, Swedes are on fire! 😉


HH7A7220 HH7A7228 HH7A7230


  1. Glöm ej bort att det Klass 1-varningen i huvudsak handlar om, är den stora brandrisken. Det är grymt torrt ute i skog och mark just nu.

    • Haha. Jo, men det är riktigt roligt när man läser det och sätter det i eller ur perspektiv. Beror på hur man väljer att se det! 😉

  2. Love to meet an other Swede in the challenge – stunning images … and this Swedish summer showing it best side.
    Delight yourself.

  3. We also have hot weather warnings and we are in the tropics. Here it is the humidity that saps the energy. Stay cool.

  4. Doesn’t seem to be worrying Martin a hell of a lot … He’s soaking it up there, the lucky devil ! 🙂

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