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It´s raining, men!

Well, great start on the new year. It is raining here in the small village Gullringen where I grew up. Have spend a week here, had Christmas food and rested. Are still in my pajamas (13.20, or 1.20 pm). Somewhat afraid of my future health due to me slacking to much. I´m working on my New Year´s resolutions and the only thing I have come up with so far is 1. Travel more. Do you have any New Year´s resolutions? When the holidays are coming up you always think that you are going to get so much done, but when the holiday is here you realise that you´re not going to get anything done and even less done than if you had been working. Well, at least I have worked on my photography skills, the only thing that actually matters, don´t you think? From the day before yesterday and yesterdays strolling around Gullringen. Now the time is 16.36 and me and my mother took another stroll around the village. Katarina PS: Todays traveltip is Discover your own backyard. …


Would say that I am tired, but that is a understatement.. Will post some more photos taken by Ulrica Hanson when I get them. Is is basically all I have from the big party. After that, there where no more photography for me. Had no time.. Katarina Photos by me, Karin Johansson and Carlos Benitez. Editing done by me. Canon 5 D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.  

Celebrating my 30 years on earth.

This weekend my mother and I are having our 30+60 year birthday. Created this invitation in Illustrator to send out us an invite and it was send to friends and family late May. What do you think of it? And no, sorry, this doesn´t mean that your invited. But if you insist, you can always ask! 😉 Now we are heading back to Småland, around a four hour drive. But first som chocolate cake! See you in the end of the weekend with some birthday photos! The party is tomorrow.. Katarina

Johannas och Fredriks Bröllop

Fick ett ryck och redigerade Johanna och Fredriks bröllop 2013 i svartvitt. Jag har tidigare inte publicerat något på bloggen från bröllopet så jag hoppas det smakar. Är riktigt nöjd med bilderna. Johanna och Fredrik är gamla barndomsvänner till mig. De gifte sig i Djurdala kyrka och hade festen i Vimmerby. Johannas bröllopsklänning är sydd av Karolina Svensson, hennes syster som också har Orkanlia, företaget som jag har köpt uppsydda kläder ifrån, inlägg som finns här och här. English- Edited some photos från Johanna and Fredriks wedding 2013 in Black and White. I haven´t published anything on the blog from the wedding before but got a sudden urge to do it now. Are really satisfied with the pictures and hope you enjoy them. Johanna and Fredrik are old mates from my childhood. They got married in an old wodden church in a little village called Djursdala and had the weddingparty in Vimmerby, the hometown of a famous Swedish childbook author, Astrid Lindgren. Johannas weddingdress is sewn by Karolina Svensson, her sister that has the company …

Gamla (mode)- minnen.

På min studentdag fick jag en fotobok av min faster med gamla foton på mig och mina kusiner från att jag var liten fram till studenten. Kikar i den titt som tätt och kollade i den igår när jag kom och tänka på uttrycket de tre p:na som jag skrev om igår. Boken har många bilder, har inte fotat av alla men här kommer några till för alla kusiner att njuta av.. Katarina

Mamma och jag på skogspromenad*

    Mamma och jag var ute på skogspromenad i Småland i helgen. Varken underbart väder att gå eller fota i men klickade några bilder på mamma och den härliga skogen. Katarina   Tagen med min Samsung NX 10, pannkaksobjektiv f2,4, fast 16mm, vidvinkel. Ingen fotoredigering, endast vattenstämpel+förminskning genom Picasa.